5 'Tips' to improve and maintain your business reputation

With the exponential increase in the use of social media and the Internet, many businesses have had to digitise their market, turning to these media to get more customers and, with that, many more sales. But how can we build a good online reputation that attracts customers? And, more importantly, how do we maintain it?

Here are some tips on how to improve and maintain your business reputation.

Creating a social media identity

Social networks have managed to facilitating communication between consumers and entrepreneurs like no other medium has achieved. It is therefore essential to create profiles on the different social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc.).

These profiles generate trust in the client as they create the appearance of closeness, as well as allowing for a more direct, personalised and even satisfying contact.. Especially when a quick solution is what most customers are looking for.

Complete information about your business

It is essential to publish certain information. First of all, it is necessary to detail in an attractive way the services provided by the business or the products it sells, since that amount of information will be very important for the business. details increase customer confidencemotivating you to purchase the service or product.

Other important data are the address and contact methods (telephone and fax). The lack of the latter can raise serious doubts for example, that the business does not exist or is a scam. Being able to go to the premises in person also generates a plus of confidence in the customer, since they know that if something goes wrong they can either go and ask for explanations or they can call and solve any problems they may have.

Generating positive content

The more you publish, the more audience you will have. This sentence is the basis of online positioning but we must not confuse quantity with quality. It is necessary to publish constantly, being the most recommendable at least weekly, but it must also be quality content. We must think that our profile on the Internet is the showcase of our business and we must take care of everything we publish in detail.

In the case of a business dedicated to the sale of products, you can publish photographs or videos of the products on offer and of the physical premises, if applicable. If it is a business that provides certain services, it is as easy as advertising your service in detail. That is, publish various aspects that make the service you provide special, as well as other things that can be related to it. For example, let's imagine a business that provides technical assistance to reprographics equipment. We could highlight not only the speed of the service, the 24-hour assistance of the business and the temporary replacement during a possible repair of the printer, but also the new models of printers, scanners, etc.

Getting real positive reviews

Definitely, we can say that Google My Business is currently the source to which most customers turn to before contacting any business, since trust is the basis of any relationship and personal experiences generate trust. What's more, this is where the idea of "If everyone else has done well, why should I have to do badly?".

It is therefore very important for our business to have as many more positive reviews to achieve an average that builds trust with potential customers.. To achieve this, we can start by asking family and friends to do us the "favour" of publishing the first reviews. Also, once we start to have customers, it is as easy as asking them, if they have a little time, to help us by leaving a review on our page. We can assure you that most of them will have no problem leaving a review.

Respond and communicate in a clear and respectful manner.

Last, but not least, we must not forget the communication with clients. It should not only be clear, quick and direct, but also respectful, especially when we encounter negative opinions or criticism. We must not lose our nerves! In these cases we should always take a little time to think about what we want to respond, as our response says a lot about us and our business to other potential customers.

In this sense, as the famous writer Napoleon Hill famously said, "think twice before you speak, as your words and influence will plant the seeds of success or failure in the mind of another.". It is therefore very important to stop, reflect and respond appropriately to negative opinions.

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