Amazon takes up the fight against fake reviews and ratings

Fake reviews, ratings and comments are the order of the day on various platforms. Thus, We can find this type of behaviour not only in business listings on Google Maps, but also in corporate profiles on social networks and, above all, on platforms for buying and selling products.

However, although this practice is already a problem for many businesses and companies, the creation of organised social networking groups for the exchange of reviews is also booming.The concern of business owners is further heightened.

Thus, this situation and the presence of this type of content and behaviours have been determinant for Amazon, deciding to take legal action against several administrators of Facebook groups, where users organised to exchange fake reviews or to buy them. 

In this case, Amazon has managed to find more than 10,000 groups, present in the different versions of the platform according to country. Specifically, they have announced that they came from the following: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan). 

In parallel with the actions taken, Amazon's Vice President of Selling Partner Services has announced that many fake reviews and ratings have been stopped, in order to prevent them from being viewed by prospective buyers.

Likewise, They intend to set a precedent by ensuring that, through this fight, users who engage in this type of conduct are exposed, seriously undermining the honour of businesses and deliberately misleading users by manipulating their decision through false reviews and ratings. 

For its part, Facebook has also acted, removing more than half of these groups for violating and infringing the platform's content and usage policies, although he continues to research many others. 

Therefore, we must be extremely wary of fake reviews, especially as they can lead to serious smear campaigns that can bring down the reputation of a business. 

Faced with these situations and behaviours, we encourage you to visit our blog to find out about some of them key clues as to whether reviews of our business are false and, in addition, learning to deal with them in turn generating confidence in other users and future customers. 

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