How post-Black Friday returns impact the online reputation of companies and brands

How post-Black Friday returns impact the online reputation of companies and brands

Black Friday, an unstoppable phenomenon, not only triggers shopping fever, but also puts companies' returns management to the test.

Year after year, the Black Friday becomes a whirlwind of irresistible offers and discounts that attract consumers in search of opportunities. For the companiesThis surge in sales represents a unique opportunity to stand out in the market. However, the real challenge arises once the buying euphoria dissipates, the returns handling.

The reality of returns

The logistics employers' organisation UNO points out that the average rate of return is 24.5%with an increase of 5-10% at bargain times such as Black Friday. Factors such as market maturity also play a role, with lower rates in countries with more e-commerce experience.

According to the UNO logistics study, in 2022 the rate of online product returns in Spain reached 24.8%. This trend is not unique to Spain, with countries such as France, Germany and the UK also recording similar rates.

Fashion and technology returns

The most affected categories by returns are fashion (31.2%), electronics (28.5%) and household products (26.2%). The reasons are diverse, ranging from dissatisfaction with the product to order errors or customers changing their minds.

Clothing, footwear and sporting goods top the list of returned products. Size is the main cause of returns in fashion, in addition to uncertainty in online shopping. While fashion can have return rates of 50%, technology is less uncertain and therefore experiences lower rates.

Returns as a reputational tipping point

This seemingly routine process takes on strategic relevance by shaping customers' perceptions of a company. The ease and efficiency of returns handling becomes a direct thermometer of the quality of customer service.significantly affecting the brand reputation in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Post Black Friday

The post-Black Friday period, marked by the massive arrival of packages and the dynamics of returns, is becoming a BATTLEFIELD where companies can win or lose the customer loyalty. An agile, transparent and customer-centric returns process stands as a key differentiator. In contrast, poor handling can undermine the trust earned during the sales phase, leaving lasting scars on a company's reputation.

The importance of customer experience

According to the report "The eCommerce in Spain 2022" by IAB Spain, 78% of consumers in Spain consider crucial the convenience in the returns process when making online purchasing decisions. 62% have stopped purchasing products due to dissatisfaction with the returns process, while 57% have recommended companies for their effective returns handling. These statistics underline the strategic importance of returns management in consumer perception.

Returns as an opportunity for improvement

Rather than being a mere formality, post-Black Friday returns processes represent an opportunity for companies to enhance their reputation. An efficient process not only prevents customer dissatisfaction, but also builds a bridge to trust and loyalty, which are critical to long-term success.

Strategies to mitigate returns and strengthen reputations

Online returns account for approximately 5% of sales. for companies. Given this reality, effective strategies become imperative to reduce fees and strengthen reputation.

In response to this reality, companies can implement strategies to reduce the rate of returns and strengthen their reputation. Extending return times, offering free returns, and improving customer service are measures that not only reduce the return rate, but also enhance their reputation. reduce the rate of returnsbut also improve satisfaction of the client and strengthen reputation in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

On the other hand, many brands are implementing measures to reduce returns, even penalising habitual returners. The use of big data makes it possible to detect "return profiles".returners"and differentiate them from those who give back out of necessity.

Future challenges

From consumer awareness to a better shopping experience, brands are working to reduce return rates. Post-Black Friday returns are not just a logistical process; they are an opportunity to build or undermine a company's online reputation, highlighting the need for effective, customer-centric strategies.

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