Case Study: Creating and positioning positive content

The reputation of our business can be damaged not only by reviews and comments, but also by other types of content and publications. 

Thus, While it is true that much of this content can be removed, this is often not possible, and it remains in the search results and appears as the first results when searching for the name of a business or the name and surname of a freelancer or individual.

This is precisely one of the cases we bring you today, where a businessman saw the reputation of his business damaged by publications that could not be removed and turned to Honoralia in search of a solution.


In this case, We were approached by the owner of a legal entity, which had been involved in a macro-fraud scheme..  

Our client, after the corresponding legal proceedings, was acquitted, as he was unjustifiably linked to this type of conduct and to those responsible for it. 

However, Many of the negative publications could not be removed, appearing among the first results when searching for the name of the business and generating economic losses and a great deal of distrust among potential customers. 


  • Create new, updated and positive content. 
  • To send the negative results to the last positions and further pages by means of positioning work. 


In this case, our strategy was divided into two phases: 

  • Phase 1: Creation and publication of content. 

Firstly, we worked on the content that would later be published in the media.

This content not only told the story of our client's evolution as an entrepreneur, but also his business vision, the achievements of his business and the importance of delivering and satisfying his customers, providing a highly professional and diligent service.

Thus, once the content has been developed, we selected those media that were in line with the subject matter and that would also be of interest to our client, thus managing to draw up a list of 12 media focused on business, both national and regional.The priorities in this case are Madrid, Catalonia and Galicia. 

Finally, to bring this first phase to a close, and to After approval by all the media concerned, the content was published, with many of these articles appearing on the front page. 

  • Phase 2: Positioning  

However, the publication of the content in the media was not the end of our work. corresponding positioning work

In this case, the positioning work focused on getting the publications to appear when searching in the search engine for the name of the business, as well as the name and surname of our client. 

All of this was carried out through various IT and technical tasks, with the help of our experts in Digital Marketing and Online Reputation, although we must highlight the importance of search keywords and backlinks. 


In the end, the results were mixed and all positive. We managed to send the negative links to the fifth page of search results, all in record time and not to mention the fact that, to this day, they are still moving to the bottom positions and pages. 

Also, and perhaps most importantly, it was The satisfaction of our client, not only because he was no longer associated with that type of content, but also because all the new content also served to promote his business, thus gaining new customers. 

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