Case Study: Removal of website and active business listing from Google My Business

At some point in the life of our business we may no longer want to be present on the Internet or on Google My Business.

There can be several reasons for this: too many negative reviews, the business is closed or inactive, the listing was created automatically or we simply don't want to appear on the Internet anymore.

But how can we remove a website and a business listing from Google My Business? Here is the case of one of our clients.


In this case, we were asked to help by a legal entity owner who had a website with no content and a business listing on Google My Business. Faced with this situation, the owner of the business wanted to remove both the website and the file, especially as he was considering the possible closure of the business at a later date..


  • Permanent removal of the website from Google Search search results.
  • Fast and efficient removal of a business listing from Google My Business, ensuring that it does not appear on the Internet again.


The steps to be followed were very simple, achieving the elimination of both issues quickly and without subsequent technical failures.

  • Website

Firstly, with regard to the web page they wished to remove from the search results, the actions were focused on achieving the deindexingby going to Google and showing it that this is a page with no content.

  • Google My Business tab

As far as the deletion of the business fiche is concerned, it may be more or less straightforward depending on the status of the business fiche itself.

There are tabs that give the possibility to delete them without any problem, by accessing the business owner's panel..

On the contrary, There are also tokens that do not have this direct option, requiring the work of technicians and specialists in order to eliminate it..

In this case, our professionals worked in different phases, the first one being the temporary closure of the token, given the impossibility of direct deletion.

Subsequently, after a period of time, it was decided that the definitive closure The business owners did not wish to maintain their presence on the Internet, and were able to make Google realise that they did not wish to maintain their presence on the Internet.

Finally, and after verification and accreditation of usersThe business card, namely local guides, was successfully deleted.


  • Web page de-indexing from Google Search search results.
  • Complete removal of the business listing from Google My Business without any further technical problems or re-listing.

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