Honoralia rebranding

We have been rethinking for some time now at Legal Eraser, composed of: We'll erase your debts, We'll erase your debts y Honoraliathe idea of unifying all the brands under the name of HonoraliaWe are committed to providing a clear and unified message about our mission, vision, values and the services we offer.

Why this change?

"Unity is strength". Uniting the efforts, talent and economic investment between all our brands gives us, as a company, added value for our customers.

The main reason remains the same, improve our clients' online reputation. But, this time, not only by removing negative content from the Internet (TeBorramos). From now on, we will generate positive content (Honoralia) through social media management, website creation, press releases, monitoring, etc.

In turn, when it comes to communicating: who we are, what services we offer, what our mission, vision and values are, it is much more effective and clearer to understand.

Every change requires a good facelift, which is why we present you with the new brand image of Honoralia:

New Honoralia logo

Which is composed of the name, Honoralia and the image, Digital Footprint. This new logo is intended to represent a concept that has recently emerged called the Digital Footprint, which is none other than the trail of data that each of us leaves behind every time we surf the Internet. With this new image we seek to transmit that, under the name of Honoraliawe will attend to all those who resort to our services, in a personalised and active way.

Today, more than ever, reputation affects us in our daily lives:

  • It affects your personal brand.
  • People with bad reputations generate mistrust.
  • It also directly affects your job search.
  • Etc.

If we are talking about companies, poor reputation management leads to:

  • Falling sales.
  • Loss of competitiveness.
  • Absence of advertisers.
  • Loss of credibility.
  • Bad image by association.
  • Etc.

With this transition we are going to unify the services of LEGAL ERASER under one name only, therefore, of TeBorramos, which continues as a service of the company for legal content removal, mention tracking and legal services, as well as We'll save you from your debts, which will continue to provide services for the cancellation of entries in debt collection files, and, by HonoraliaThe topics are more related to marketing, such as: online reputation management, generating positive content, monitoring, social media management, website creation, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to offer the best service to our customers.We will analyse your case in detail, until we find the best solution for your problems. Taking care, as we have always done, of your reputation in detail..

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