Community Manager: What mistakes should you avoid at all costs?

As we all know, a Community Manager is the professional in charge of managing the presence of a business on the internetIts main objective is to express what the brand wants to convey to its customers. 

With a responsibility like this, any step must be taken with great care, especially when we are talking about professionals, such as Community Managers. 

For this reason, here are the mistakes that Community Managers should avoid making, whatever the cost.


We must assume that objectives are set in all companies, as they are extremely necessary in order to subsequently choose the best strategy for action

Therefore, the Community Manager has to adopting these objectives as their ownThe marketing strategy of the company is adjusted to achieve these goals. 

Therefore, not taking the company's objectives into account can be a serious mistake, especially for the business, as it can create a misleading image of the company and even confuse customers.


A small dose of humour in the networks is not necessarily a bad thing, but we must know the right moment and what kind of comment we can make. 

This is closely related to the values of the brand or business, as well as through which tone the brand wants to approach its customers.

For this reason, the Community Manager must adjust his tone and adapt it to that of the company or business he represents, as he is the spokesperson for the company on the Internet and social networks.

Likewise, as with reviews, you should always answer politely, avoiding personal comments and aggressiveness, it is advisable to take a few minutes of reflection before posting or replying to any comments.


This is another of the most common and least addressed mistakes. It should not be considered a mistake to take inspiration from other posts, even if they are from a competing business.

But you should never plagiarise or literally copy other people's posts.

This not only seriously damages the company's image, but can also constitute a real intellectual property crime.


It seems a minor error, but there are spelling mistakes that damage the eyes. 

As an example, let's imagine that Coca Cola, a world-renowned brand, writes "fly" with a "b" in its social networks. What image would its customers have of it?

Well, This is true for all brands and companies, having a greater or lesser impact depending on how well known they are or what sector they are in..  

Even so, over time, there have been well-known brands that have used these misspellings as a clear marketing strategy.

Just as it can generate a negative image, it also attracts the attention of customers, helping it to go viral for a simple spelling mistake..

For this reason, the Community Manager must carefully consider the possibilities, depending on the brand, the objectives and the values it represents, being able to allow, at a given moment, a spelling mistake in order to make a more attractive slogan.


Finally, another big mistake is publishing information without ensuring its veracity and cross-checking different sources

Great care must be taken with the hoaxes of the InternetOnce published on the web, they can cause serious damage. 

Then, Failure to check the veracity of what is published can seriously damage the brand or business, as well as making us party to the spread of false information..

Therefore, before any information is published, it is always recommended that a brief research work, with the sole objective of ensuring and verifying the veracity of the information.

Also, impartiality must not be lost, using the most objective point of view possible and using the most neutral arguments and justifications for publishing information.

Although other mistakes can be found, these are some of the most common ones found in the world of Marketing and Community Managers.

Even so, We must not forget that we are all human and can make mistakes, and we must react calmly and professionally when we make such mistakes, because everything has a solution! 

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