Content Marketing: Big Myths

Content Marketing is currently one of the most widely used strategies in the digital sphere. 

This technique consists of creating content in the main channels of our business. 

Even so, such content, as we have commented in previous blogsIt cannot be just anyone and must be focused in such a way that it attracts viewers and, therefore, potential customers. 

However, there are several myths that circulate in relation to Content Marketing and here are some of them. 


One of the main myths is that Content Marketing is not for every type of business, which is completely wrong.

Obviously, the strategy should be tailored to each business, but this does not imply that it cannot be done and is useful for all types of business.

Also, Nor should the content be limited to text only, as there are different types of content. Clear examples are podcasts, videos, statistical analysis with graphs, interactive courses, etc. 

Therefore, Content Marketing can work in any type of business, the most important thing being its adaptation to the services or products that the business has, since each one will have its peculiarities and specific needs.


Another common mistake is consider that the length of the content determines the quality of the content

This statement is completely false, so longer text does not always mean higher quality content.

What's more, a short text, a video or an image can be more attractive than very long texts, since a long text is tiring for the reader, while an image or a short and concrete sentence is more striking.

Also, The same applies to the periodicity of publications, where a greater number of publications will not imply a better positioning.

In this sense, we come back to the quality of these publications, which is more important than a high frequency of publications. 


Although we would all like to get results as quickly as possible, marketing requires a lot of patience. 

All techniques aimed at improving online positioning and reputation, such as Content Marketing, require time and constant work.

Thus, we must bear in mind that these strategies involve analysing the market, our own business, consumer tastes, etc., tasks that can undoubtedly take a long time. 

This should not discourage any business because, little by little, the results will be visible


Finally, Content Marketing helps to achieve sales, although not as directly. 

In this sense, the creation of content involves attracting new and potential customers. Therefore, it is extremely important that our content generates a certain amount of trust in viewers with respect to our business, because they will always be able to become future customers. 

Also, publications will also help us to understand the most common tastes, preferences and needs of consumers, which will help us to focus our content and redirect it towards these aspects.

Therefore, Content Marketing is an aspect that we must take care of and work on, as it helps and provides very valuable and fundamental information to boost our business in the quickest and most effective way. 

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