The dangerous reality behind romantic relationships with Artificial Intelligences

The dangerous reality behind romantic relationships with Artificial Intelligences

The charming but dangerous 'AI Brides'. - Romantic relationships

Virtual relationships have evolved with the arrival of the generative artificial intelligences (IAG), giving rise to a new trend on the internet: 'AI brides'. However, behind the apparent companionship and romance offered by these chatbots lies a worrying reality.

These days finding romantic companionship can be as easy as opening an app on your mobile phone. Romantic chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), have become a tempting option for those in search of an emotional connection. But what's behind these seemingly intimate conversations?Are your interactions with these 'AI brides' really safe? In this article, we will look at how these artificial intelligences collect and sell your personal data, putting your privacy and security at risk.

The dangerous reality behind romantic relationships with Artificial Intelligences

Romantic Chatbots: More than a relationship

Romantic chatbot apps have gained popularity as a way to simulate emotional relationships. However, these 'virtual girlfriends' are far from what they seem.

AI girlfriends', increasingly employed as virtual companions, offer conversations and romantic experiences through artificial intelligence. However, recent research has revealed that these apps not only mimic human behaviour, but also act as unnoticed collectors of personal data. Research shows that most of these AIs are designed to collect personal data from users and sell it to third parties, compromising the privacy and security of those who interact with them.

The Mozilla Foundation has conducted a comprehensive analysis of 11 popular chatbots designed to simulate romantic relationships. The result is discouraging: most of these apps do not meet minimum privacy and security standards. In fact, most of them not only collect personal information, but also sell it to third parties without the user's proper consent.

Digital Seduction: The 'AI Bride' Technique

These AIs are designed to seduce the user, enticing them to reveal sensitive personal information, AI girlfriends' are definitely adept at getting any information about you. They use charming and suggestive phrases to foster an intimate relationship, with persuasive phrases such as "I want to know everything about you", turning every interaction into an opportunity to extract valuable data.

You are at artificial intelligences incite users to reveal intimate details of their lives. From personal tastes and preferences to sensitive data such as addresses and phone numbers, or even biometric data, no information is beyond their reach. These apps collect a wealth of information, all in order to create a more personalised experience.

The study conducted by the Mozilla Foundation revealed that the vast majority of these chat rooms are involved in the sale of user data and which data are used for purposes such as advertising directed, without the consent of users and without the necessary transparency.

A hidden danger

In addition to selling personal data, one of the most worrying aspects of these applications is the lack of transparency in the handling of data. Most of them lack clear privacy and security policies, leaving users in the dark about the fate of their personal information.

Weak passwords, ambiguous privacy policies and a lack of transparency in data handling are just some of the concerns highlighted by the Mozilla Foundation study. This leaves users vulnerable to exposure of their personal data and potential cyber attacks. In addition, many of these applications do not allow users to completely delete their data, which raises serious concerns about the privacy in the long term.

Social and ethical impact

Behind the apparent emotional connection of the chats lies an underground market of personal data. As mentioned above, most of these applications actively sell the information collected of users to advertising companies and other third parties. This practice not only compromises the privacy of users, but also raises serious ethical concerns about the misuse of personal data.

The proliferation of 'AI brides' raises serious ethical and social questions. What effect do these simulated relationships have on perceptions of intimacy and real relationships? Are we prepared to accept the commodification of companionship and romance? These are urgent questions that deserve careful and thoughtful attention.

The dangerous reality behind romantic relationships with Artificial Intelligences

Mental health

The rise of 'AI girlfriends' raises questions about the impact on society and human relationships. These apps may perpetuate stereotypes and unrealistic expectations about relationships, as well as undermine genuine human connections. There is a risk that people become dependent on these virtual relationships.This could have negative consequences on their emotional well-being.

Beyond privacy concerns, there is also a mental health risk associated with the use of romance chatbots. Some of these apps are sold as tools for emotional wellbeing, but in reality they can encourage submissiveness and isolation. Added to this is the danger that these AIs can be used to manipulate users for problematic purposes.

Handling and toxicity

Aside from data collection, these AIs also raise concerns about their potential for manipulation and toxicity. Some of them are marketed as mental wellbeing tools, but in reality they can foster emotional dependency and loneliness. There are even reports of tragic cases where users have been encouraged by these chatbots to take harmful actions against themselves.


Before you indulge in a conversation with an 'AI girlfriend', it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Protecting your privacy and security online should be a priority. Here are some recommendations for doing so:

  • Limits the amount of personal information you share with romantic chatbots.
  • Check the privacy and security policies of the applications before use.
  • Use passwords secure and enables the authentication two-factor where possible.
  • Request the complete deletion of data when you stop using the application
  • See alternatives safer to meet your emotional and social needs.

AI brides' may seem charming at first glance, but behind their seductive appearance lies a real danger to our privacy and security.. It is time to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect our personal information.

Remember, while these chats may offer an illusion of companionship, real human connection remains unparalleled in terms of authenticity and safety.

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