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Remove company or freelance posts from the Internet

Honoralia has a specialised service for the deletion and/or blocking of information published on the Internet by third parties affecting legal persons, both companies and self-employed professionals who have had their personal data published on the Internet in their capacity as entrepreneurs. 

Therefore, if you have seen your company details (or the position you hold in any company) published in data collection directories obtained from publicly accessible sources, such as the Mercantile Register or its Official Gazette (BORME), you can hire our services so that we can proceed to process the elimination of all this information.

The business of corporate and/or self-employed data

Today, many websites do business by indiscriminately publishing corporate data of companies and/or freelancers on the Internet.

These portals sell access to such data, which are generally extracted from sources such as the Commercial Register or its Official Gazette (BORME).

In most cases, this publication and marketing of company and/or self-employed data is done without the authorisation of the natural persons (in their capacity as entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals) or legal entities concerned, who thus see their rights violated with regard to current legislation on civil protection of the right to honour, to personal and family privacy and to one's own image, as well as, where applicable, the stipulations on the protection of personal data.

The practice of trading in personal data is increasingly common on the Internet and often constitutes a direct violation of the right to honour, privacy and self-image of hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies.

Raising awareness of these abuses and fighting to end or at least limit these practices are fundamental pillars of the work of many companies in the legal field.

How can we help you?

Many of the harmful comments, insults, inappropriate videos and photographs, accusations, insults, slander, libel, etc., published on the Internet, find their perfect breeding ground in social networks, forums and blogs.

At Honoralia we can help you minimise the risks and harms associated with posting any information on such channels.

Data on deceased persons

Our firm offers services of deletion of information about deceased persons. Information that has been published on the internet, whether in the form of comments, photos, videos, publications, various publications, etc...

Company and self-employed data

We have a specialised service for the deletion and/or blocking of information published on the Internet by third parties that affects legal persons, both companies and self-employed professionals.

Expungement of criminal records

Any person convicted by final judgment is entitled to have his or her criminal record expunged once his or her criminal liability has been extinguished. Previous police records may also be expunged.

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What rights do you have?

If you, as a self-employed person or a person who holds, or has held, any position in a company (or has any relationship with the same), have seen your personal data (or corporate data of the companies you represent or have represented) published in any of the numerous unofficial web portals and/or commercial databases, you have the right to claim, against them, whatever rights you have as an affected person whose data are being made public.

What can we do for you?

At Honoralia we have a multidisciplinary team of experts (journalists, lawyers, IT specialists, etc.) perfectly prepared to carry out the necessary actions to remove from the network all comments, videos or photographs that have been published on social networks, forums and blogs and that are damaging to you.

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