Legal claims for erasure of information

In addition to the extrajudicial data deletion services that we offer, at Honoralia we always recommend our clients to request, without obligation, information regarding the legal claims services that we offer for the deletion of information on the Internet, both in its civil and criminal aspects, being able to claim financial compensation both from those responsible for the publications and from the Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...) for the time that the personal data of the affected parties have been accessible on the Internet.

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Honoralia has a large team of lawyers who are highly specialised in this area and who have successfully handled complex cases in which citizens' fundamental rights have been violated by publications made on the Internet by third parties.

At Honoralia we know that, although there are many cases that can be resolved out of court, there are many others that require the defence of the client's rights through the courts in order to guarantee their correct protection.

At Honoralia we are aware of the importance of the intrusion and interference in the most intimate sphere of people, such as the "attack" carried out by third parties (responsible for publications and/or Internet search engines) through publications made on the Internet without the consent of the affected party and which violate such fundamental rights as the Honour, Personal and Family Privacy and Self-Image of citizens.


Data on deceased persons

Our firm offers services of deletion of information about deceased persons. Information that has been published on the internet, whether in the form of comments, photos, videos, publications, various publications, etc...

Company and self-employed data

We have a specialised service for the deletion and/or blocking of information published on the Internet by third parties that affects legal persons, both companies and self-employed professionals.

Expungement of criminal records

Any person convicted by final judgment is entitled to have his or her criminal record expunged once his or her criminal liability has been extinguished. Previous police records may also be expunged.

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The Right to be Forgotten as a paradigm of legal evolution

For some years now, the need to control the traffic of information available on the Internet has led to major conflicts between individuals and companies that have seen their image damaged by publications that affect them, and which are accessible through the Internet by simply consulting their name and surname or company name in any of the existing Internet search engines; consequently, the number of legal claims related to the protection of the honour, privacy and self-image of individuals has increased.

The now known as "Right to be Forgotten has its origin in the famous judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Case C-131/12) of 13 May 2014, which condemned Google to remove content from its search engine at the request of a citizen, even if the website of origin does not delete that information or it is lawful.

With the passage of time, and thanks to numerous rulings, both national and international, the Right to be Forgotten is increasingly on the lips of society.

The expansion of the popularity of the Right to be Forgotten has favoured its inclusion, as such, in numerous legislations, including Spanish legislation, in our Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights which, in its article 93, explicitly recognises this right.

As a result of the above, the success in both judicial and extra-judicial claims for the exercise of this right has increased substantially.

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