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The power of the media

If you have seen information published in the media that could harm you and you do not want it to be made public, now you can do so. It is as easy as hiring the services of Honoralia.

At Honoralia we help you get off the internet and make your personal data inaccessible to the public.

I want to get out of digital media

If you have seen information published in the media that could be of interest to you, you may be able to
If you do not want your name and surname to be public when making enquiries about your name and surname on the internet, you can now do so. It is as easy as hiring the services of Honoralia.

At Honoralia we help you to get off the internet and make your personal data published in the media inaccessible to the public.

We have extensive experience in negotiation processes with the media, as well as in all types of claims, both judicial and extrajudicial. Our mission is to bring our clients' orders to a successful conclusion, working to give them the peace of mind they need and to prevent the uncontrolled dissemination of news about you in the media.


Do you want to disappear from any page?

Searching on the internet about a person is simple, any internet search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo...), allows us to easily access any type of information on the internet. Therefore, it is a tool that is increasingly used to search for information before starting a work, professional, commercial or business relationship.

The Internet is a powerful weapon that, in the wrong hands, can cause serious harm.

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Data on deceased persons

Our firm offers services of deletion of information about deceased persons. Information that has been published on the internet, whether in the form of comments, photos, videos, publications, various publications, etc...

Legal claims

We have a specialised service for the deletion and/or blocking of information published on the Internet by third parties that affects legal persons, both companies and self-employed professionals.

Expungement of criminal records

Any person convicted by final judgment is entitled to have his or her criminal record expunged once his or her criminal liability has been extinguished. Previous police records may also be expunged.

What can we do from Honoralia?

We are experts in the Right to be Forgotten, which limits the possibility of indiscriminate and unjustified processing of personal data such as names, telephone numbers, audiovisual content, private documents, etc., by third parties.

If, for whatever reason, information about you has been disseminated on the internet through the media and you have suffered damage as a result, our team of lawyers can help you.

At Honoralia we work on the basis of various ways of resolving problems related to the Right to be Forgotten; from negotiation, through out-of-court claims and even reaching the courts as the last means of resolution. Our knowledge of so many methods and channels allows us, in each case, to adapt to the client's needs.

If you do not want to be associated with news published on the internet by the media, contact our team of professionals, they will advise you.

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