We remove you from official gazettes and newspapers

Information about you may no longer be public.

It is possible that, on some occasion, your details may have been included in official bulletins and/or newspapers due to fines, subsidies, aid, competitive examinations or any other circumstance, and you do not want this information to be public and accessible to everyone.

Thanks to TeBorramos it is possible to prevent the public and indiscriminate dissemination of this type of data.

No longer published in official gazettes or newspapers

The Official Gazettes, as well as the Official Journals of the Public Administrations, are an instrument of both the State and the Autonomous Communities. They are used to register laws, decrees, administrative provisions and other types of information that, by law, must be accessible to the public.

How can we help you?

Many of the harmful comments, insults, videos, inappropriate photographs, accusations, insults, slander, libel, etc., published on the Internet, find their perfect breeding ground in social networks, forums and blogs.

At TeBorramos we can help you minimise the risks and damages associated with publishing any type of information on these channels.

Data on deceased persons

Our firm offers services of deletion of information about deceased persons. Information that has been published on the internet, whether in the form of comments, photos, videos, publications, various publications, etc...

Company and self-employed data

We have a specialised service for the deletion and/or blocking of information published on the Internet by third parties that affects legal persons, both companies and self-employed professionals.

Expungement of criminal records

Any person convicted by final judgment is entitled to have his or her criminal record expunged once his or her criminal liability has been extinguished. Previous police records may also be expunged.

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Official Journals and Gazettes in the Internet age

The rise of the Internet has enabled incredible progress in many areas of human development. However, it has also facilitated the uncontrolled dissemination of all kinds of data, made available to anyone with access to the Internet.

The process of digitisation of the Official Gazettes and Journals by computer has allowed Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to index the information that appears in them, thus facilitating access to it.

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