Quick removal of fake reviews

Suffering from false and defamatory online reviews? Now you can defend your business and regain the reputation you've worked so hard for.

93% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

22% Of new customers avoid a business with 1 negative review.

68% of consumers form an opinion after reading 6-8 reviews.

Removal of fake reviews

Freedom of speech is a great thing. The only problem? Freedom of speech travels at the speed of light thanks to online review platforms. Gone are the days when companies only had to fear a complaint form. Now word can spread internationally in a matter of minutes about consumers' negative experiences with your business.

It is possible that these reviews are not even legitimate, considering that there has been an increase in the production of fake reviews in recent times. Statistics show that 75% of consumers have read a fake review in the last year, although they are not always easy to spot. They can come from a variety of sources, from malicious competitors to annoying customers.

If you currently have illegitimate online reviews, you need to take action. 88% of consumers read online reviews as a guide to make a decision, and since 94% of consumers avoid businesses with negative reviews, it is critical to remove false or misleading content to ensure that your business has a positive online presentation.

Google Ads Campaigns

Honoralia will make your investment in Google Ads profitable so that your ads generate visible and almost immediate results, getting clicks that translate into patients.

SEO - They will find you

Before going to a business, 80% of patients will look it up on the internet, of which 88% consider reviews to be as reliable as personal recommendations.

Social Media Management

How many times a year do you meet a customer? By creating and publishing content on social media we help to maintain an ongoing relationship with the audience and lay the groundwork for engaging new customers and retaining existing ones.

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Access your complete Internet information

How do we do it?

Although it may seem easy to Google our own information, we do not always obtain complete information. For this reason, at Honoralia we work with the best specialised tools on the market with which we carry out a thorough internet search and obtain all the information on a person or entity.

What does this achieve?

Knowing all the information hosted on the network. That is to say, being Google the mother of all search engines, we will be able to obtain from the information accessible through its search engine, any type of news, publication or comments in blogs, forums, social networks... that affect you.

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