Google image deletions

A picture says more than a thousand words. Does your visual representation do you or your personal brand any favours?

Control your image

What kind of images come up when you search for your name - is it your professional headshot or one of your embarrassing photos? Regardless of whether it is for professional or personal reasons, it is fair to expect the images to reflect the best you have to offer.

Perhaps you've previously worked for a dubious company you'd rather not be associated with, had a risqué photo shoot in the past, or someone who shares your name has a scandalous reputation that ranks high. Whatever the circumstances, our team of content removal experts have what it takes to help you restore your personal and professional image online.


How can we help you?

Many of the harmful comments, insults, videos, inappropriate photographs, accusations, insults, slander, libel, etc., published on the Internet, find their perfect breeding ground in social networks, forums and blogs.

At Honoralia we can help you minimise the risks and damages associated with publishing any kind of information on such channels.

Data on deceased persons

Our firm offers services of deletion of information about deceased persons. Information that has been published on the internet, whether in the form of comments, photos, videos, publications, various publications, etc...

Company and self-employed data

We have a specialised service for the deletion and/or blocking of information published on the Internet by third parties that affects legal persons, both companies and self-employed professionals.

Expungement of criminal records

Any person convicted by final judgment is entitled to have his or her criminal record expunged once his or her criminal liability has been extinguished. Previous police records may also be expunged.

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The rise of the Internet and communication channels

Due to the rise of the Internet and the globalisation of access to information, our opinions, publications, etc., are increasingly exposed. Nowadays, any opinion, however irrelevant it may be, is public on the Internet because we ourselves get involved in discussions that lead nowhere because of any comment we may make on the Net.

At Honoralia we are aware of the vulnerability to which people are exposed when using social networks, forums, blogs...

What can we do for you?

Our work ranges from the request to the person responsible for the publication, the request to the social network, webmaster or owner of the forum or blog, and even the request to Internet search engines so that your information does not appear in their search results. All of this without prejudice to possible parallel extrajudicial or judicial channels, such as a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency or a legal claim.

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