The Trending Topics in digital marketing for 2022

Over the years, competition between companies has increased, making it more and more difficult to differentiate oneself from others. 

Therefore, digital strategies are, nowadays, fundamental to create that originality and stand out from the rest. 

Here are some of the digital marketing strategies that will be trending in the new year. 


As we already know, SEO encompasses all those actions aimed at improving positioning in Internet search engines, as well as their optimisation. 

Well, these tools have been gaining more and more importance, being important to achieve good digital marketing, as well as online reputation. 

More and more companies are looking for professionals in this field, and thus to be the first in its sector and, of course, in the Internet search results..  


It is a strategy that seeks to involving the customer in a storyThe impact and reception of the campaign will be greater. 

This method it gives the customer a different, exclusive and unique experience with the business in question.

It is also a fairly simple strategy, being accessible to any business. 


Specifically, we are talking about the CRM or, rather, customer relationship management

This tool allows us to gather the information we need to understand our clients' needs. 

In this way, we will be able to focus our strategies and products on the needs and desires of customers, achieving a higher degree of satisfaction


Recently, Google announced that more than 20% of searches are conducted through the voice search tool. 

Therefore, and in view of the increase in this type of search, it is a good strategy to get our brand recognised through voice searches.


The digital age is an undeniable fact and this is accompanied by the increased use of artificial intelligence in many sectors. 

Marketing is one such sector, These tools are the most advanced, effective and useful tools.

Artificial intelligence allows you to solve problems and ensure the contracting of services or purchases without the need to go to customer service.

Even so, we must not forget that everything has its downside and the abuse of this type of tool completely dehumanises communication with customers. 

Therefore, the usefulness of artificial intelligence is evident but it should not be abused, trying to ensure that, despite its use, customers have the most humanised experience and communication possible.

Which of these trends would you choose for your business? 

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