Digital Marketing: Do you know the most common problems?

Digital Marketing is one of our best allies to promote and publicise a business. 

However, as in any other area or field, problems can always arise, which must be known and dealt with in the best possible way.

Here are some of the most common problems in Digital Marketing: 


One of the main problems is not knowing how to explain well what is being offered.

In this regard, many choose to for using technicalities or overly complicated descriptions thinking that this is a good explanation, but this is a big mistake.

To explain a product or service, easy-to-understand words should be used, highlighting those aspects that make them different from their competitors, and thus attracting the attention of consumers.

Nor should you imitate or copy the descriptions of others, and you should give your explanation originality..

Finally, it should be mentioned the basics in a simple way, avoiding boring future customers and/or overloading them with technical information..  


The Internet is the ideal medium to make yourself known, but for it to work, you must have a good online presence, because if you don't have one, the attempt to promote yourself will be fruitless.

In this respect, the most commonly used tool is the social media. Social networks have a large number of subscribers, which allows a greater reach. In addition to allowing a direct and close relationship with future customers.

For this reason, having profiles on different social networks is a good way to make yourself known.

Another tool is the advertising campaigns, which can be carried out on the social networks themselves or on other websites, including search engines.

However, for both tools, you need to have careful consideration of the keywords to be used or, where appropriate, hashtagsThe main factors contributing directly to outreach are the following.


As we have already commented in previous blogsaudience segmentation may seem unnecessary, but it is essential. 

Our services or products will not always be for everyone. A clear example is that we cannot give vehicles to minors or toys to adults without children. 

Therefore, the fact of segmenting the audience will help to identify not only the needs of each person, but also the group that may be interested in our services or products.

In addition, it also will allow us to tailor our marketing plans to the needs, tastes or interests of each of the groups, which will increase the interest of each group.


Another mistake is to think that it is not necessary to have knowledge of sales. In this regard, it must be clear that In all businesses, commercial work must be carried out and therefore certain employees and workers must have commercial skills. or sector. 

A clear example could be a restaurant, where the waiter must know how to sell the dishes and even recommend them based on the tastes or needs of the client. 


Finally, and closely related to the first problem, as well as to audience targeting, is the fact that we do not know how to focus our advertising. 

In this sense, It is extremely important to know the product or service you are offering, this will help you to focus your advertising and focus on what will attract the attention of future customers.

However, the aspects to be highlighted should be governed by the target group of people or consumers. Therefore, audience segmentation must be taken into account, as this is the only way to achieve an effective advertising campaign.

Finally, we must not forget that it must be brief but originalWe seek to ensure that our potential future customers remember our advertisement

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