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If you know the links to be removed, you can provide them to us and we will include them in the quotation that we will issue for this purpose. If you do not know which links you want to remove, we can search for the links through our crawling service.

No, like all companies we charge for our services.

We do not have a base price for our services, we analyse the client's publication on the Internet and, depending on the difficulty of the subject, we set a price for our services. However, if we have to start from a price/link it would be 70€/link, but we adapt to the needs of the client, because the more links the more expensive the service could be, as we have to motivate in our writings each and every one of the content of the links, therefore, if there are many links, we adjust the price according to those responsible for the publications.

Yes, like any company in the legal field, we need a provision of funds to be able to pay the professional assigned to the client's file, but there is a proportion of the final amount that is left to the result. That is to say, we do not charge our fees in full if we do not manage to delete/unindex all the client's information on the Internet.

Of course, we adapt to the customer's needs. Payment instalments of up to 24 monthly instalments have been granted.

We are lawyers, our work is carried out in the legal field, given that we send extrajudicial and judicial claims based on the regulatory and jurisprudential content applicable to the situation of each client.

With the deletion of the information, we achieve that the harmful information of the client disappears definitively from the web portal; with the deindexing we introduce computer mechanisms so that the publication is not accessible in the internet search engines when entering the name and surname of the client in the internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...); and with the anonymisation we change the name and surname of the client for initials, achieving the same objective as the deindexing, that is to say that it makes it impossible to identify the client when consulting the website.); and with anonymisation, the name and surname of the client are changed from the publication to initials, achieving the same objective as de-indexing, i.e., making it impossible to identify the client when consulting internet search engines.

Reputation is the subjective and qualitative belief that a person has in a brand, person, service or other entity. In people, reputation is different from character. Character is an intrinsic value, but reputation is an opinion.

Today, search results are the "middleman" between an entity's true character and how it is perceived: reputation.

Online reputation management services work to improve the way search engines reflect the reputation of brands, whether they are individuals, companies or something else.

Reputation is how a brand is seen. The management of the Reputation works to improve what people see about a brand, primarily online. Reputation management is enhanced by engineering content, ratings, reviews and more. It includes promoting positive content and working to degrade (reduce or eliminate) the visibility of negative content. Brand reputation can apply to a person, company, product, service or even a political entity.

If necessary, we complain to everyone, but first we try to ask those responsible for the publication, because if the publication disappears from the original source, it will not be necessary to go to the internet search engines. We only go to Google when the publisher refuses our request or does not reply within the legally stipulated period.

Because we know the law, that is our speciality, our claims are always based on law. All work is carried out in accordance with current legislation and jurisprudence.

The legal deadline for those responsible for the publication and/or any search engine is 30 days after receiving our request, but in most cases this period is reduced. We have been able to remove the information in a matter of hours, as well as within a few days of contracting. The average for this firm is around 2 weeks.

No, they do not have to. Once the publication manager or the search engine agrees to the request of this office, it should not reappear. Very rarely does the same deleted/unindexed publication reappear, but this is due to technical failures of the web portal or the search engine itself.

You will not have to pay any amount again, as long as the same contracted link reappears within 12 months of the removal by the professionals of this company, since the guarantee period reflected in the general terms and conditions of contract applies.

It is always necessary that the client authorises the professionals of this office to carry out the contracted work, and thus to be able to accredit the representation before the editors of the web portals or Internet search engines. In the extrajudicial phase, an authorisation made for this purpose will suffice, and, in the event of having to sue in court, you would have to provide us with a general power of attorney for lawsuits.

Reviews can be improved by improving products, services or the way customer service deals with problems. While this approach generally works to decrease the number of negative reviews, a more proactive approach should be taken to improve reviews and star ratings on sites such as Yelp, Google. Honoralia uses a different approach to improving reviews that differs from industry to industry. In some cases, a closed review approach may be adopted to screen reviewers before asking them to leave a review, for others it is not necessary to do so. In any case, reviews improve almost 100% of the time. 

Some changes to search results, such as deleting a page, can happen in just a few days. Other forms of reputation management can take weeks or even years. The time it takes to change search results varies depending on a number of factors. For example, a typical campaign to improve online reviews may begin to bear fruit in just a week or two and continue to result in better reviews and ratings over time. But the time it takes to reduce search results for a negative El País article for a financial services company can take many months. Campaigns in languages other than Spanish have their own timelines. For more information on how long it takes to change Google or other search results, call us.

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