Google Ads: Types of Advertising Campaigns

4 types of Google Ads Campaigns

We are all aware that Google is not just a search engine, and that real advertising campaigns can be carried out thanks to its Google Ads tool. 

However, there are several types of advertising campaigns that this tool allows. 

Therefore, we will now briefly discuss the different types of campaigns that can be run with Google Ads. 


These campaigns are the best known, being the advertising that we find when searching in the results list itself. 

Thus, the advantage of this type of campaign is the high conversion ratesHowever, as a disadvantage, we must highlight the high competitionas they are the most widely used type of campaign. 


In contrast to the previous one, in this case, in the search results our product cards will appear directly in the search engine itself as well as in Images and Google Shopping.  

In this sense, in addition to the image of our product or products, some other data will appear, such as, for example, the price, reviews, discounts, etc. 

However, this type of campaign tends to work very well for online shops.The price per click is not that high, but we must not forget that competition remains, not only in the area of prices, but also reviews and ratings are of great importance and are a key factor in the decision of consumers and users to choose one product over another. 


This type of announcement is formed by a mix between text and images and videos. They can also usually be found in web portals and applications, the main platforms being for this type of advertising campaign. 

The great advantage of these advertisements is not only their attractiveness, as the audiovisual content attracts a lot of attention, but also can generate high conversion rates, especially because they allow for a broad reach. 

However, Such advertising is often costly and requires constant monitoring for technical failures. 


All the campaigns mentioned so far were aimed at getting users to the business's website. Well, local campaigns aim to get consumers and users to come to the physical site, either to purchase a product or a service. 

In this case, the most typical case is that of restaurants and hotels, where the main objective is to get the customer to stay in the establishment. 

The great advantage of this type of campaign is that it is ideal for those businesses that do not have a website and want their customers to come to the physical premises, but may not be very effective for those businesses that can provide services or sell products remotely or online. 

Therefore, as we have seen, we have different types of advertising campaigns, and we can choose the one that best suits our business and objectives. 

However, despite the normal use of Google Ads, it should be recalled that several legal proceedings have recently been opened against Google, all on the grounds that it is abusing its dominance in the digital advertising market, thus harming its competitors and small businesses. 

In this case, it seems that the giant's competitors estimate losses of approximately 8 billion euros, and the claims filed could reach a total compensation of 25 billion euros, all of this due to the search engine's hypothetical anti-competitive conduct. 

However, this procedure may take many years, so that the use of Google Ads and its campaign types will be business as usual, irrespective of a possible unfavourable ruling for Google where measures may be put in place to prevent this abuse of dominance. 

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