Guide to removing your personal data from Google and protecting your privacy online

Guide to removing your personal data from Google and protecting your privacy online

With ongoing concerns about online privacy, especially in the wake of recent data storage scandals, attention is increasingly being focused on how to protect our personal information from big tech companies. Therefore, we offer you a guide to delete the data collected by one of the giants of technology: Google.

From finding all logged activity to the process of deleting data, we offer a tutorial to give you back control over your online privacy.

Concerns about privacy on the internet

Concerns about privacy on the internet have reached a critical point in society. As technology advances, so do privacy concerns. threats to personal privacy. From corporate data tracking to government surveillance, users face a constant invasion of their online privacy.

Social networks, mobile applications, search engines and devices collect a great deal of information about our habits, tastes and preferences.. This data collection raises concerns about how data is used and shared.

Lack of control over our personal data can have serious consequences, ranging from the manipulation of information we see until the identity theft. Moreover, mass surveillance destroys individual liberties and the right to privacy.

Therefore, it is very important for users to be informed about how to protect their privacy online. by using tools, configuring privacy settings and choosing platforms that respect their rights.

Guide to removing your personal data from Google and protecting your privacy online

Google's challenges with user privacy

Google, like many large technology companies, is facing increasing challenges in terms of storing and managing their users' information. It was recently forced to pay substantial compensation after it was revealed that it continued to collect personal information even when "incognito mode" was activated in Google Chrome.

This incident has further fuelled people's interest in preserving their privacy online and more and more users are opting for delete all data that Google has collected about them. It is important to note that, according to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (LSA), Google is obliged to provide this option to all its users.

The importance of deleting personal data

In the digital age, personal data is the new gold. From our names and addresses to our shopping preferences and locations, every online click leaves a digital footprint stored by companies. However, this raises serious concerns about our privacy and security.

The deletion of personal data not only helps minimise the risk of privacy breachesbut also can contribute to the mitigation of identity theft and other cybercrime.

One of the main reasons for deleting personal data is to reduce exposure to security risk. With the increase in cyber threats, including phishing attacks and ransomware, databases containing large amounts of personal data are becoming targets for cybercriminals. By deleting data that is no longer needed, organisations can reduce the impact of a security breach and protect the privacy of their customers and users.

On the other hand, the excessive accumulation of data also raises ethical and legal concerns. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union imposes strict restrictions on the collection and use of personal data.

Guide to removing your personal data from Google and protecting your privacy online

Your guide to protecting your privacy on Google

With Google's far-reaching reach into our digital lives, it is natural to wonder what data the company has about us and how we can protect our privacy.

The process starts with a simple Google search. Simply type in "My Activity in the search bar and select the first link that appears, titled "Welcome to Google My Activity.

This link takes us to a page where Google shows us all the information it has collected about us, from web searches to locations visited.

The key to removing this information is in a button clearly marked as "Delete".located near the option "Filter by date and product".. By clicking on this button, we are presented with the option to select the date range of the information we wish to delete. Select "From the beginning". to delete all our activity from the start.

After confirming our selection, Google will start the deletion process. It is important to note that this process may take some time, depending on the amount of data to be deleted. Once complete, we can check our activity again to make sure that all information has been properly deleted..

With these simple steps, we can regain greater control over our online privacy.

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