Honoralia in El Mundo: The law firm that erases politicians with judicial archives and former porn actors from the internet

Honoralia in El Mundo: The law firm that erases politicians with judicial archives and former porn actors from the internet

The call right to be forgotten The internet has given birth to projects such as Honoralia, whose function is to erase the digital traces of clients such as politicians with a judicial past or ex-porn actors.

This month marks ten years since Mario Costeja, a legal expert by profession and resident of A Coruña, won the battle against Google and got the European Union to recognise the right to be forgotten on the internet. He fought his own war since 2010, when he realised that in a 1998 article published by La Vanguardia two advertisements had been placed for a property auction in connection with a seizure of social security debts. In the aforementioned advertisement, which was subsequently placed in the edition of online of the newspaper, Mario Costeja's name was mentioned as the owner of these properties. Although Costeja had settled the matter some time ago, his name was still associated with these advertisements.

It was in 2009 when he decided to ask the media to remove his name from the publication and the response was negative. Google also denied his request, so Mario turned to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The whole judicial process ended when on 13 May 2014 the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled against Google. and ruled that users such as Mario Costeja had the right to request that content in which his name appeared should not appear in searches.

Thanks to this Spanish citizen, the European Union is now home to a right that does not exist in the United States or in other countries. In the heat of it, projects such as Honoralia, a law firm with expertise in reputation, have emerged. online and on the right to be forgotten on the internet. "In 2018, seeing that this business idea was already working, we decided to set up the company. Initially I did it as a freelancer, but when the client portfolio grew, it was set up as a company. We are three partners, we have two employees and some other support," Javier Franch (44), lawyer and CEO of Honoralia, told LOC.

The firm, which is located in Valencia, receives clients from all over the world as most of them contact them via the internet. The profile of people seeking their services is very diverse, as Javier himself confesses. "Our clients are very diverse because nowadays anyone can get exposure on the internet. One type of client profile is a businessman or politician who has been exposed to the internet. involved in legal proceedings in which he or she has been acquitted or discharged. In these cases it is easier for the petition to succeed, but the person who has been convicted also has the right to be removed some time after the event.

In this way, the people who request Javier's services do not necessarily have to be celebrities. "We have had well-known people, but there are also anonymous people. Among the most well-known cases we have, for example, is the Gürtel case, there have been clients whose cases have been dismissed and who no longer want to appear in anything related to it". Although they were not his clients, Javier gives the examples of Mónica Oltra and Francisco Camps.. "Do they have the right to be forgotten?"


Other people who come to Javier's office for advice are clients with an 'erotic' past. "Other cases that we have been receiving a lot lately is the deletion of erotic-sexual content. With the appearance of Onlyfans, we are receiving many clients who see how their content is on other sites without their permission". He adds: "There are also people who were involved in the world of pornography and who now want that past to be erased. because they want to get married, have children and that they will not discover this part of their biography in time, not because they regret it, but because they simply don't want to.

Javier Franch explains to this supplement what the procedure is for erasing someone's trace on the internet. "There is no secret beyond what the law allows us to do. First of all, we send a friendly complaint to the media outlet, the blog, where the information is published. The media outlet or the editor of the website does not remove the information, but what they do is anonymise the news item (they change the name and surname to initials) or de-index it, establish computerised mechanisms so that it cannot be found in a search".

If for some reason the media organisation feels that the information is valuable in its view and does not want to remove it, Honoralia turns to Google. "If within 30 days it does not respond or denies our request, we are left with two avenues. One, a complaint against the Spanish data protection agency, and the other, the judicial one.

As for the price of the "deletion", Javier's service fee is 150 euros for each link of information to be deleted, although sometimes there are so many that they charge a special price.


Thanks to the case of Mario Costejawho won the battle against Google, there is a right to be forgotten on the internet. "He dared to sue Google and it ruled in his favour. Thanks to that ruling, we have all benefited from this right," says Javier. His law firm is very successful and he recognises that with artificial intelligence he will surely have more success.

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We are proud to have been featured in the pages of El Mundo. This recognition underlines the relevance and impact of our services in today's digital context. We are aware that we live in an age where information is accessible to all and we understand the importance of protecting our reputation and privacy online.

If you are looking to remove unwanted content from the internet or improve your online reputation, don't hesitate to contact us. At Honoralia, we will be happy to help you navigate the digital world with peace of mind and confidence.

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