Honoralia and Javier Franch: A journey to the past in RNE afternoons

Honoralia and Javier Franch: A journey to the past in RNE afternoons

In the energetic universe of Spanish radio, Honoralia and its CEO, Javier Franchhave become prominent players thanks to their recent intervention in the RNE programme "Las Tardes de RNE".. The revealing conversation touched on hot topics about managing the past in the digital world, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive reputation. In this article, we will explore the details of the interview and delve into the services that Honoralia offers under Javier's expert guidance.

Unravelling the past

The programme began by addressing the reality of living in a world where the past always comes back, especially when it is recorded on networks. The anecdote about Nastassja Kinski and the series "At the scene of the crime", the actress appeared in a series of nude scenes when she was still a minor, only 15 years old, and now wishes to eliminate them. This case served as an introduction, making it clear that sometimes, the fingerprint can become an uncomfortable reminder of the past.. This is where Honoralia, based in Valencia, plays a crucial role.

The interview with Javier Franch on RNE

The presenter, Lourdes Maldonadointroduced Javier Franch as lawyer and CEO of Honoralia, opening the way for a fascinating conversation. Javier explained that Honoralia is dedicated to improving online reputation of individuals and companies, using a multidisciplinary team comprising lawyers, journalists and IT experts. He highlighted the company's ability to analyse each case and determine the feasibility of eliminating or improving existing information.

Honoralia and Javier Franch: A journey to the past in RNE afternoons

Not only that, he also answered the question about "What is the service we offer to do, let's call it that, that image washing?" Because we don't just erase, we also take care of publish positive content. Javier commented that here in the company we are basically dedicated to reputation enhancement, this includes both the removal of publications and the generation of articles in the press or the management of social networks.

Difficulties and limitations

Miguel, the co-presenter, posed the crucial question: What obstacles does Honoralia face when trying to delete content? Javier Franch admitted that there are limitsespecially when it comes to recent information or public figures such as Dani Alves. However, he pointed out that for those with less notoriety, the right to be forgotten is a powerful tool, provided certain legal criteria are met.

Confidentiality and speed

Confidentiality in this type of service is vital, and Javier Franch emphasised the importance of safeguarding the identity of customers. He said Honoralia caters to a wide range of clients, from public figures to anonymous individuals and companies looking to improve their image. The discretion and speed in the execution of services are fundamental to the Honoralia team.

From delinquent lists to media reviews

The conversation continued by exploring other services offered by Honoralia, such as the removal of files from delinquency lists. Javier explained that this is a different service, but it also deals with remove reviews or comments, albeit with certain limitations due to freedom of information. The de-indexing or anonymisation of personal data in outdated news stories is a common strategy.


In the farewell, Javier Franch concluded by thanking them for the opportunity to share Honoralia's services. The final question of the programme invited listeners to reflect on erasing parts of their life. Honoralia and its team have proven to be a valuable resource for those seeking to manage their past in the digital age.

Honoralia stands as a bastion that allows individuals and companies to shape their reputation. The interview in las Tardes de RNE offered a clear vision of the challenges and opportunities Honoralia faces in its mission to help customers live in the present without the shackles of the past. Ultimately, the company presents itself as a strategic ally for those seeking to balance the balance between transparency and the right to be forgotten.

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