How can we measure our online reputation? Analysis and management

Even though our brand or business is doing quite well, we always look at the negative aspects. 

It is clear that any negative aspect can have an impact on our reputation and it is therefore very important to measure and analyse our reputational situation. 

This will not only help to improve it but also to take action on those aspects or factors that may generate a negative view.


In this respect, every company is different, but all companies, regardless of size or brand, can start by asking themselves the following questions: 

  • What is their opinion of my brand or business on the Internet? 

To answer this question, it is as easy as doing a little research on the Internet. 

This search will allow us to know where we are in the search engine results, as well as the opinions of users and the position of our competitors.

This way we can see if some of the future changes to be made should be focused on improving our position in the search results or if we are doing well and should continue to do so in order to maintain our position. 

  • What is their opinion of the competitor's brand or business? 

Analysing the online situation of your competitors is not often done, but it is very important to improve your online reputation, as well as to highlight your business or brand. 

This analysis will help us to better understand our weaknesses as a company, the strengths we need to further develop, as well as the practices that users do not consider correct.

Therefore, although it may seem unimportant, analysing our business environment, especially focusing on our sector, is essential to improve our business or brand. 

It can even generate new ideas for services, marketing and image, among others.

  • What changes can we make to improve our situation? 

Based on the answers to the two questions above, we can begin to consider possible changes. 

Examples include improving our social media content, providing more services, improving our response time to our customers, etc. 


Having considered our reputational situation at a generic level, some data will allow us to analyse it in greater depth. 

Here are some metrics focused on Internet users that you can assess and take into account to learn a little more about your online reputation: 


As we all know, social networks are the means of communication that we use most nowadays, not only on a personal level, but also on a professional and business level. 

Therefore, analysing the volume of mentions can show us our presence on social networks. 

In this respectThe more mentions on social networks, the more presence and, therefore, the greater the possibility of making ourselves known to new customers.


Another factor to monitor is user participation in relation to mentions of our business or brand, regardless of the platform (social networks, news, blogs, etc.). 

Thus, participation in mentions improves our online presence as high participation increases the chances of standing out on the Internet.


This metric refers to the users who may be affected by the mentions, i.e. all users who may see the mentions.

This is calculated based on the followers, friends, subscribers, etc. of the main user who posted the mention. 

A clear example of the importance of this reach is that most brands and businesses are increasingly looking to collaborate with public figures. 


Last but not least, it must be analysed whether the content associated with such mentions is good or bad.

It should also be noted that assessing the intensity of such a feeling is extremely difficult, as the same comment can generate different feelings depending on the user.

Despite this, being able to analyse the amount of positive or negative content already allows us to find out the image of our business or brand on the Internet. 

Therefore, as can be seen, there are many factors and aspects related to our reputation that can be measured or monitored. 

But they all have one thing in common: the need for analysis and management. Allowing us to know almost everything about our reputational situation and helping us to improve it. 

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