How to treat your customers

How to deal with our customers

The great famous phrase ''the customer is always right''. is a very apt phrase if you want your company to have a good reputation. It is inevitable that problems will occur where the customer is not in the right, but this does not have to directly affect your online reputation.

For this, it is necessary to have a community manager who manages all social networks and responds directly to each client.

Everything that is said to our clients can have repercussions on our online reputation, so we must be careful about what is said on the internet.

If you respond to them in an aggressive or rude way, they may get angry and make a lot of negative opinions online, while, on the contrary, if you respond politely and solve their complaints, it can change the image of your company in a positive way.

Handling queries, complaints and feedback

With Internet platforms, users' expectations of waiting times have increased greatly.

Google My Business is a Google platform through which local businesses are linked to their environment. It allows you to keep customers up to date with your location, opening hours... And to encourage more fluid communication with each of them. It is necessary for all types of businesses to have Google My Business.

Monitoring and active listening

There are various programmes that monitor the messages and mentions that consumers make about your company.

On the other hand, you have to actively listen to each customer because nowadays the best way to advertise your company is through word of mouth.

Why are customers lost?

Nowadays the competition is strong and we have to stand out from it, one of the irrefutable facts is that 2 out of 3 customers are lost due to poor customer service. We must be cordial, polite, resolute, efficient, fast and personalised to each client.

Although we often do not take this into account, our customers are our company's most valuable asset and we must keep in mind that they are the most important thing in our company.

Close treatment implies making the customer feel unique. Each customer is different and has a different personality, but we must know how to treat each one of them.

The experience that the customer takes away is everything, it is not the same for a customer who has made a purchase with a cold treatment as it is for a customer who goes to a company and is treated in a more unique way and feels comfortable.

Focusing the company on the customer is not the job of a community manager, but the whole company must be involved in this task and have common objectives with all the staff of your company.

Achieving successful communication

An advantage that small businesses have are social networks as they are a tool for direct communication with their customers. In this case it is important to address your customers by name on social media to get a closer and friendlier relationship with them.

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