The importance of your online reputation and how to look after it

The importance of online reputation and how to look after it

What is online reputation?

Online reputation is everything that is said about you on the Internet and the success or failure of your company, or even your individual reputation as a professional, may depend on it.

Customers can talk about you everywhere, in forums, Google analytics, social networks...

Why is it important to have a good reputation?

First of all, we want to create a credibility in our company that is associated with our customers' trust in us.

It is important to have a good online reputation for potential future business you conduct both personally and as a business.

Who can damage your reputation?

-Everyone can damage your reputation because we are 100% exposed on the Internet.

-A customer who is dissatisfied with your company

-Someone who wants to harm us

-Our Competence

-We can create a bad reputation for ourselves through social media posts, comments etc. We have to think and watch what we say on the Internet.

How can we avoid damaging our reputation?

There are 6 keys to avoid our reputation being affected on the Internet:

-Taking care of our audience, we have to answer bad reviews as well as good ones.

-Being very accessible so that everyone can easily contact us for any complaint).

-Be transparent and never lie to your customers.

-Giving answers to everyone

-Having a plan of action to deal with problems that may arise

-Be cautious with any communicative action.



Is it a bad thing when a customer gives a bad opinion about the company?

Many people think that it is negative, but on the contrary, a dissatisfied customer can be the perfect opportunity to know how to manage him/her in an adequate way and give him/her a quick and effective solution to the problems he/she has.

Out of 1,000 customers, if 980 are satisfied, those people will not speak out in networks, but the 20 who are dissatisfied will make a lot of noise.

Therefore, you need to know how to handle a bad comment or a customer's problem with your company.

How do you deal with bad reviews?

First of all, by not covering them up, as this generates a very bad reputation and can lead to a lot of problems for your company.

Ignoring them can make the customer more angry and you will not be interested in doing things right in the eyes of other customers.

Respond to the customer publicly about what solution you are giving them so that they can generate positivity and trust in your company.

But NEVER cover up or fail to respond to a dissatisfied customer.

Reputational issues in social media

If there is no justifiable reason, they will probably do it from anonymous or fake accounts, which makes the attack less credible.

This is becoming more and more frequent and the solution is to report the profile to the social network so that it can be investigated and reply publicly as normal.

How can we act?

Do not leave anything to chance, we do not want our image to be tarnished by a lie, if we have a brand hashtag it is very possible that they are ''tarnishing'' it, as well as the mentions towards our social networks.

Apart from denouncing false publications towards our company, what you have to do is to create positive publications so that the latest publications towards our hashtag and our brand are positive. For this we need to have many accounts or contacts that help us to cover up the false accusations with good comments and good ratings.

If you have a customer base, contact them and offer to enter them in a prize draw or give them a discount if they post on that social network with your hashtag and mention your brand in a positive way.

There are options to exchange reviews in telegram groups or to buy them directly.

Why should we have such a good reputation?

When a customer wants to obtain our services or products, they will search for us on Google.

The first thing they will look for is your brand name, brand name reviews, brand name comments, brand name reviews, brand name scam, brand name scam etc.

Therefore, we must take into account our reputation in networks so that our potential clients choose us.

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