Creation and management of websites

Can web design generate a good or bad reputation?

Aspects of design that influence reputation

Look & Feel and Usability as main elements.

Having a current design is important for a good brand perception and to generate interest in consumers. The Internet and technology are moving at such a speed that a site can fall behind in a short period of time. This can ultimately be a reason why a brand is not well spoken of on the Internet.

Having a website adaptable to devices is important, but perhaps not as blatant as the above and we understand that having a responsive website will depend on the audience we are targeting.

Usability and user experience

A good browsing experience is essential to prevent users from leaving the website frustrated and turning to social networks to ask for help or to "share" their experience.

Usability design makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for, to successfully complete a purchase process or to fill in a form comfortably. It is perhaps one of the most important aspects to avoid negative comments on the Internet.

With our experience in online reputation, we build sites that optimise the user experience. We create websites that adapt to any device, we structure and rationalise content, and we combine this effort with the design that will make the relationship between your website and your brand coherent.

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Access your complete Internet information

How do we do it?

Although it may seem easy to Google our own information, we don't always obtain complete information. That's why at TeBorramos we work with the best specialised tools on the market to carry out a thorough internet search and obtain all the information on a person or entity.

What does this achieve?

Knowing all the information hosted on the network. That is to say, being Google the mother of all search engines, we will be able to obtain from the information accessible through its search engine, any type of news, publication or comments in blogs, forums, social networks... that affect you.

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