In which channels should you take care of your company's reputation?


Online reputation 

For all types of companies, online reputation is a tool that needs to be taken care of in order to achieve business goals and develop strategies.

Having a good online reputation is essential to stand out from the competition, it is important to know what is in demand and what people think of your services or products.

A positive reputation makes customers establish a relationship with the company and even builds feelings of affection which is what generates customer purchase and the most important publicity which is the influence of your customers on each other.

Thus, we need to be clear about where we need to be most careful in order to take the best possible look at our online reputation.

Online reputation in social networks

The first place where we should be most careful is on social networks. In fact, nowadays online reputation has its characteristics depending on the opinions of your followers.

The good news is that on social networks there is some capacity for action to moderate, respond and even act on certain posts. With the right strategy and the right resources.

Online reputation in search engines

The most traditional online reputation, and the one that remains the most complex to manage, is the reputation provided by search engines.

When searching for our company, we cannot fully control the results that appear and some may not be as positive as we would like them to be.

Online reputation strategies in search engines must be focused on many fronts, from thematic forums to news in the media, blogs, opinion portals, specialised websites, etc.

We can spend money on online advertising to get positive results, but acting on negative indexed results is going to cost us budget, resources and time.


Reputation in the real world

Today, the least cared-for environment for reputation is the real world, while in many cases it represents the foundation on which online reputation is built.

In real life, our customers and consumers will give their opinion about our products or services. This opinion will not always be given through their online profiles, but also through word of mouth.

It is not easy to look after your reputation in the real world. We must invest in advertising, market research, face-to-face actions... everything we can to ensure that, beyond the digital environment, our reputation maintains a positive image.

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