Inbound Marketing: Strategies

Inbound Marketing: What is it? Strategies that can help you

There are many marketing techniques and methodologies to attract customersbut, lately, a very specific one has been gaining momentum: The Inbound marketing


Inbound Marketing can be defined as as a marketing methodology that seeks to engage customers through individualised content and experiences, unlike Outbound Marketing which presents content without focusing on what each customer is looking for. 

Thus, this methodology can be applied in three ways, which subsequently constitute real strategies: 

  • Attraction: This form focuses on capturing the attention of customers through high-value content, becoming the benchmark in a specific area of interest. 
  • Interaction: In turn, this form refers to the knowledge of the clients' needs and objectives, in order to provide appropriate solutions and alternatives. 
  • Delight: This last form is also related to the needs of our customers, but the objective is to show them that we can provide them with the necessary tools to achieve what they want, all thanks to the purchase of our product or service. 

Therefore, each and every one of these are valid ways of attracting customers, but we must not forget the cycle that the customer goes through. 

In this sense, success with a customer will transform the customer into a kind of promoter, who will be responsible for recommending us to third parties who, once recruited, will become customers, thus starting a vicious circle that is extremely beneficial for any business. 


As we have already mentioned, theThe ways of applying it are real strategies and are extremely useful for reaching the right audience and attracting customers. 

Below, we will discuss some examples of actions from each of the Inbound Marketing strategies: 

  • Attraction strategies

Recalling the above, the attraction is centred on the creating valuable content

In this case, some examples are to be found in the creation of blogs and social media posts. 

Specifically, the content that can generate the most interest is content that refers to case studies, solutions to common problems or testimonials from satisfied customers. 

Inbound Marketing: Strategies

Also, SEO work must also be taken into accountThis is particularly important when it comes to keywords, as this will allow our content and business to appear and rank in search results.  

  • Interaction strategies

Interaction strategies, as the name suggests, involve interacting with our customers. 

This is essential for know their needs and objectives, in order to provide them with the service or product that best suits their needs and objectives. 

In this sense, we must start from the idea that we must sell solutions, since this will not only imply success for the client, as it is a service or product that is adjusted, but will also generate a feeling of trust, professionalism and peace of mind

Likewise, even if we do not succeed, showing genuine concern for the problem in question will still ensure a good result and will participate in the vicious circle of raising awareness and promoting our business. 

  • Strategies of delight

Finally, with regard to delight strategies, although focused on the client's success, it also aims to achieve their happiness and peace of mind. 

In relation to this, the most appropriate actions are keeping track of our customers, showing them that we are listening to their needs, as well as surveys and soliciting feedback and ratings. 

Inbound Marketing: Strategies

Specifically, by conducting surveys and soliciting feedback, we will be able to demonstrate that your feedback counts and that, as a business, we want to know about it so that we can improve on what may be more negative and build on the more positive aspects. 

Similarly, as was also the case with interaction strategies, Even if the service or product is not contracted, we must not forget that any client, and even third parties who do not become clients, can become promoters of our services or products just by receiving proper attention. 

Having said this, and in conclusion, Inbound Marketing counts on highly effective and interesting strategies for attracting customers, applicable to any type of business and without the need for the latest technological or IT resources. 

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