Is it possible to combine Marketing with the WhatsApp application? We explain how.

Since WhatsApp came into our lives, its use has only increased, becoming one of the most used social networks worldwide. 

Faced with this reality, many businesses will wonder: Is it possible to use WhatsApp as a medium for marketing campaigns? 

The answer is yes. What's more, its use as a digital marketing strategy is known as WhatsApp Marketing. 

This strategy can cover a wide range of actions, from simple direct communication with the user to carrying out promotions, informing about new products or exclusive products, etcetera. 

Therefore, the use of WhatsApp can be an ideal medium for our marketing campaigns, but How can we create such a campaign? 


One of the first steps, although optional, is to download the WhatsApp Business application. 

Although it is very similar to the general WhatsApp application for individuals, this version has some advantages that can help us in our campaigns. 

The advantages are as follows: 

  • Professional profile: It allows us to edit the profile in an advanced way, including features of our business such as business description, address, opening hours or email, among others. 
  • Automated responses: Allows you to create automated welcome, absence and other quick responses. 
  • Metrics: This version also includes an analytics and metrics section that reflects the performance of our marketing actions. 

Therefore, the WhatsApp Business application will allow us not only to present ourselves as a business, but also facilitate our marketing campaigns and communication with our customers. 


Once you have created your professional profile on WhatsApp Business, it is extremely important to create a database of our audience

This base should classify our customers, and there are several aspects that we can take into account in order to create this base. 

By way of example, a base could be created according to the level of loyalty (occasional customer, regular buyer, ambassador...) or according to satisfaction (pleased, satisfied, indifferent, dissatisfied...). 

Therefore, irrespective of the factor we take into account to create it, This base will allow us to focus our messages and increase the chances of responses.


Once our database is created, we have to define, first of all, a strategy setting out how the marketing campaign is to be implemented

Some of the aspects that we will have to define are the objectives of our campaign, the object of the campaign, the way of communicating it (individually or massively), among others. 

In addition, it also we will have to work on the content of our message, seeking to make an impact on our clients.

This impact will not only lead to customers becoming interested in our products or services, but may even encourage the dissemination of our campaign, by sending it to third parties.


In this field, WhatsApp is the ideal medium for sharing images, videos and audios. So we need to make the most of it. 

In addition, This type of content is more successful among users, which will increase the possibilities for communication with customers, as well as its dissemination to third parties.


Once the previous steps have been taken, we come to the decisive moment, which is to send our campaign. 

Now, in this step, we must apply what we have determined in our strategy about sending messages. 

That is, whether it is done on a mass or individual basis, with the number of recipients being the determining factor for one or the other. 

In spite of everything, we have to be careful with mass mailing of messages

In this respect, the Law on Information Society Services (LSSI) requires that we have the prior consent of our customers

This means adding us to their contact list, sending multiple messages to people with similar needs and not creating groups with customers. 

Above all, because in case of non-compliance with this legal aspect, we may be sanctioned by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos). 

Therefore, as we have seen, WhatsApp Business can be an ideal tool for our marketing campaigns, and many companies are joining this strategy. 

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