Mass sale of personal data: Is your information at risk on the Dark Web?

Mass sale of personal data: Is your information at risk on the Dark Web?

In the digital age, the security of our personal data has become a growing concern. Recently, an alarming discovery has shaken Spain: a hacker claims to have access to 39.8 million Spanish citizens' recordsThese include information such as ID number, postal address and date of birth. This information can be found on the sale in the dark webThe new technologies, posing a threat to the privacy and security of a large segment of the population.

The disturbing revelation of this massive breach has generated a great deal of public concern. In this blog, we will explore the details of this massive breach, its possible implications and what steps we can take to safeguard our personal information in an increasingly vulnerable digital environment.

Mass sale of personal data: Is your information at risk on the Dark Web?

Spain at risk with 15 data breaches per minute

The cybersecurity context in Spain is increasingly worrying. Recent data indicate that the country faces around 15 data breaches per minuteThis underlines the vulnerability of their IT systems. In addition, cyber-attacks have a high average cost of approximately 75,000 euros per attack.

This situation is alarming, especially considering that it is projected that by 2024 more than 83,000 cybersecurity professionalsThe number of job seekers in this field was only around 39,000 in 2021. The talent shortage and lack of awareness are significant challenges.

The main risks include malware, ransomware and phishingwith millions of attacks recorded on a daily basis. Collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential, and the INCIBE plays a key role in providing cyber security services.

Details of the offer on the Dark Web

On the dark web, an alleged hacker has made public a tempting offer, a database containing detailed personal information on Spanish citizens born between 1962 and 2004. This digital treasure trove, which is presumed to contain 39.8 million files, is available for download on the dark web. acquisition for the price of $10,000.

The offer shared on a Russian-sourced platform, according to a report by cybersecurity firm HackManac, reveals that the file in question is 40 megabytes in size. Its contents include crucial data, such as the ID card number, full names with first and second surname, DATE OF BIRTH, postal addressescities and postcodes.

Although the provenance of this vast list of personal information is not specified, its scope and detail is cause for concern. Although this data does not include sensitive financial information such as passwords or banking details, it represents a significant threat to the privacy and security of those affected. The sale of such data on the dark web can lead to the following activities fraud, scams and cyber attacks more targeted against the individuals concerned.

What are the risks and consequences?

The leakage of personal data can have serious consequences for the individuals concerned, including the risk of identity theft, financial fraud and other forms of exploitation. Exposure of this information on the dark web increases the likelihood that it will be used by malicious actors to carry out illegal activities.

Mass sale of personal data: Is your information at risk on the Dark Web?

Measures to protect your identity online

It is clear that in the digital age, protecting personal information has become crucial. To this end, users are advised to examine your e-mails and data shared on the webIt is also advisable to use tools to confirm whether your data has been previously compromised. It is also advisable to keeping abreast of the latest cyber threatsand to take preventive measures to counteract them.

On the other hand, for those potentially affected by data breaches it is necessary to act quickly in order to safeguarding your information and combat potential fraud. It is suggested to seek available resources and assistance to mitigate the risks associated with online exposure of personal data.

The collaboration with digital security experts can also be of great help in this process by providing guidance on how to strengthen your defences and how to respond effectively to risk situations.

Awareness, Education and Collaboration

This incident highlights the importance of cyber security awareness and education. It is essential that users understand the associated risks with the exposure of their personal information online and take active measures to protect your privacy and internet security. In addition, this incident highlights the need for greater collaboration between governments, businesses and individuals to address the growing threats in cyberspace.

At honoraria, we are committed to protecting our clients' privacy and security in the digital world. From removing negative information from Google search results to implementing measures to prevent future risks, our team works to ensure that our clients' online reputations are protected. In addition, we provide advice and tools to enable them to make informed decisions about their online presence, strengthening their digital security every step of the way.

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