Right to be Forgotten and Improvement of the Online Reputation: Honoralia on the Castilla y León TV News

Right to be Forgotten and Improvement of the Online Reputation: Honoralia on the Castilla y León TV News

In an increasingly connected and digitised world, online reputation management has become a critical issue for individuals and businesses alike. The social media and search engines have become indispensable tools for getting to know people and companies, This has led to a growing interest in privacy protection and the right to be forgotten on the internet.

Recently, our team had the honour of being interviewed on the Castilla y León televisionThe meeting addressed key issues related to the right to be forgotten and the importance of maintaining a strong and positive online reputation. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of this interview, highlighting the main considerations and services we offer.

Reputation in the world

The importance of having a good social media profileone that projects a strong professional image. Today, recruiters and companies often turn to social media to assess candidates, underlining the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation. Content posted online, whether by oneself or others, can have a significant impact on the perception of an individual or company.

The statistics speak for themselves

The statistics presented in the interview are revealing. According to the news, the 50% of Spanish companies review candidates' social networks during recruitment processes. In addition, more than 20% of the companies have admitted to having discarded candidates due to negative content found on their online profiles. These figures highlight the direct influence that online reputation has on decision-making in the workplace.

Exposure on the Internet: An unavoidable reality

As mentioned in the news item, our reputation is exposed on the internet. Whether by our own action or by third parties trying to damage our image, information circulating on the Internet can be accessible to everyone. This highlights the need for effective tools and strategies to protect and enhance our digital reputation.

The Digital Footprint: A Timeless Mark

One of the most critical aspects pointed out in the interview is that the internet leaves a digital footprint that can be virtually eternal. Information and content that is published online often remains accessible for a long time, which can have a lasting impact on a person's personal and professional life.

The Right to be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten is particularly relevant on the internet. This legal tool allows individuals to request the removal or de-indexing of negative content that affects their reputation online. Honoralia specialises in helping individuals and companies exercise this right to protect their financial and personal interests.

Right to be Forgotten and Improvement of the Online Reputation: Honoralia on the Castilla y León TV News

Our services

Javier Franch, lawyer and CEO of Honoralia, explains that our firm mainly requests the deletion news and deindexingwhich means that the information will not be visible in search engines when entering a person's first and last names. In addition, there is the option to anonymisationwhich involves replacing first names and surnames with initials. These services help to avoid damaging results and protect the online reputation of our clients.

Frequent cases

The right to be forgotten and the improvement of online reputation are key to resolving several common cases. One of the examples mentioned in the interview is the publication of sensitive information, such as the erotic sexual content of individuals, which, for various reasons, should no longer be public. In addition, individuals who were linked to political parties may want to remove this information from their online history when they stop that activity.


The story on Castilla y León television highlights the critical importance of maintaining a positive and solid online reputation in an increasingly digitalised world. Internet exposure and the permanence of the digital footprint make the protection of online reputation a priority. Honoralia is a leader in defending the right to be forgotten and improving online reputation, offering specialised services to help clients protect their financial and personal interests. Honoralia's legal backing and experience are essential in an environment where online reputation can be a valuable asset or a significant risk.

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