Online Reputation: Which are the most sensitive sectors?

Reputation, especially online or digital reputation, is an important factor in any business, but the sector in which they are located must also be taken into account. 

In this respect, some sectors are more sensitive than others with regard to their online reputation and the possible attacks or reputational crises that may arise. 

So which are the most sensitive sectors, and why? 

In terms of sensitivity, four sectors stand out: 

Political Sector 

It is clear that the political sector is one of the most sensitive to reputational crises. It is not only an area that is always topical, but also a sector that affects the lives of citizens. 

Thus, a small slip-up can generate a major reputational crisis with respect to any political party or party member, easily becoming very large, through the physical media and their digital versions.

Financial Sector

Another of the most sensitive sectors is the financial sector. As can be seen, this is another of the sectors most present in society, where banking and insurance stand out. 

Thus, this sector has been severely damaged by a number of scandals such as, for example, revolving cards or the preference shares scam. Scandals which, like the previous sector, are echoed in the media. 

In this sense, we must not forget that in this sector, citizens invest their savings and profits, so that any mistake can generate a great distrust and cause a great reputational crisis, because it can involve the loss of large sums, even ruining clients. 

Health sector

A third sector is the health sector, where we must include not only health centres, but also aesthetic centres, as well as the pharmaceutical sector.  

In these cases, dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with the services provided can cause major reputational damage, resulting in the business losing customers, not gaining new ones and even causing substantial losses for the business

For this reason, the channels most likely to affect this sector are reviews and comments via websites and business cards.

Tourism Sector

Finally, the tourism sector is another sector whose reputation can be seriously damaged by user reviews.

However, unlike the others, this sector has large swings, a clear example being the Covid-19 pandemic, where many reputational crises have arisen as a result of assessments concerning the hygiene measures of businesses. 

This being said, it is clear that all businesses can suffer more or less damage to their online reputation, but we must not forget the sector to which our business belongs, as it can be a determining factor not only to know the sensitivity of our reputation, but also to be able to identify the channel that can damage our reputation the most, so that we can work much harder to avoid any crisis or greater impact.

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