Do you have negative feedback on GoWork?


Do you have negative feedback on GoWork?


Your reputation, as well as that of your business, can not only be damaged by negative publications in the media or on social networks, but there are now a multitude of platforms that allow the posting of comments and opinions by completely unknown and anonymised users, without even requiring the use of a real name and surname or email address for verification purposes.

Concretely, this is what happens with the platform called GoWork.. For this reason, at TeBorramos we provide all those affected by this type of platform with the means and our professionals, in order to achieve the full and effective moderation or removal of comments that are harmful and damaging to the person or businessWe will advise and accompany the client throughout the entire procedure, either extrajudicially or judicially, in order to protect the right to honour, as well as, where appropriate, the removal of the company's profile from the platform.

Questions you may have about GoWork

GoWork is mainly a platform that, based on freedom of expression, is designed to publish comments and opinions about companies. Specifically, it allows anyone to leave their opinion and experience of a company, whether they are a customer, employee, collaborator or supplier.
Thus, despite having a good objective, the problem with this type of platform is the serious lack of a process of control and verification of opinions, which can lead to the publication of completely false experiences and the organisation of real defamation campaigns, given that on this platform people can publish without names and surnames, anonymously, and even with nicknames and nicknames that make it impossible to identify them.

The answer is anyone. Despite being aimed at customers, employees, suppliers or similar, i.e. people who have a direct or indirect relationship with the company in question, the reality is that any third party, even an outsider, can post a comment. To do so, it is as simple as entering an alias or name, which is not verified, and the text of the comment, without the platform requiring any prior registration in order to prevent a person from publishing false comments en masse.

Neither the comments nor the users are verified, with no prior registration on the platform being necessary to be able to comment and publish experiences, and which can give rise to large-scale defamation campaigns through false comments that seek to seriously damage the reputation of companies and businesses and even individuals.

Normally, the platform administrator is responsible for moderating the comments, hiding insults and swear words. Even so, we must not forget that, despite being hidden, the simple context of the comment can make the hidden word clear, and other extremely serious qualifications are exposed, publicly and accessible to any third party, without being moderated because they do not fit in as a swear word.
Therefore, it is very important to take action with respect to this type of platform, especially if they are causing damage to an individual, entrepreneur or company, putting TeBorramos all resources available to those affected and getting the removal of comments or the complete elimination of the profile, either by extrajudicial or judicial means, depending on the case.

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