Are you worried about your online reputation?


Are you worried about your online reputation?


Online reputation is a concern and a growing problem in the world of sportas the professional sportsmen and women have a greater exposure on the internet than other people to conflict situations that may affect the athlete.

We have successfully helped thousands of people including elite sportsmen and sportswomen and those associated with the sporting worldwho have seen their reputations damaged.

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Eraser Legal Group

Our firm specialises in the practical application of the right to be forgotten and online reputation. We were born with the union of professionals with experience in information technology law, data protection and communication and marketing. Since then we have successfully resolved the needs of thousands of clients.

Our solutions

Our solutions are applied through the application of the Right to be Forgotten and the legal removal of harmful and damaging content on the Internet, as well as online marketing work. Our work has been reported in the media, for example in the recent publication by the newspaper SuperSport


We remove content from the internet

Honoralia. With a long career in the area of personal data protection, the rights of civil protection from right to honourto the personal and family privacy and the right to one's own image.


We enhance and protect your reputation

Honoralia is the first company in the market that combines legal services and online reputation, allowing us to offer a completely new concept: Improving our clients' online reputation through legal means and positive content generation.

Legal services

Legal Eraser Lawyers has always had the same objective: to find the best and fastest solution to our clients' legal problems.

Comprehensive treatment of the problem. We solve the most complicated cases.


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