Online Reputation for Individuals

Corporate reputation

We eliminate negative news

We remove content from Google by applying the right to be forgotten.

We position positive content

Thanks to the generation of positive content, negative Google results drop in rankings.

We monitor the Internet

Thanks to our technology we crawl the internet and are able to generate alerts whenever there is new negative content.


Google controls up to 92% of all search engine traffic.

Personal Branding

The first page of a Google search for your name attracts 95% of the traffic.

First contact

The 90% of people only look at the first page of search engine results to form their impression.

Online Reputation for People
Take control

Your personal brand is like creating a commercial brand.

We help you

We build your personal and professional reputation from the ground up.

Digital Society

In today's digital world, your personal reputation and your professional reputation are in the spotlight.


A real-life example of Online Reputation


Negative links on Google


Positive Links on Google


Visits to the website


Negative links on Google


Positive Links on Google


Visits to the website

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How the process works:

Monitoring your name

We track mentions of your name. If someone is talking about you, you will know it and we will act accordingly based on the content detected.

Damage assessment

Has someone published a negative article about you, is it considered negative, and does it rank anywhere in the first 2 pages of Google?

Taking action

Google seeks to show relevant and current stories for a specific query.

Content removal

With the removal of results or articles from Google's index through the right to be forgotten.

Optimisation and Support

You've done all of the above and there are no quick results. Our Google-focused marketing experts will help you.

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