The purge of the X platform shakes women scientists, science communicators and media in Spain

The purge of the X platform shakes women scientists, science communicators and media in Spain

Since last night, a shroud of uncertainty has enveloped the scientific community, science communicators and various media in Spain. The social network X, formerly known as Twitterhas carried out an unexpected purge, blocking dozens of accounts without warning and leaving its users in limbo. This seemingly arbitrary action has sparked a wave of questions and concerns about freedom of expression and transparency on digital platforms.

The purge of the X platform shakes women scientists, science communicators and media in Spain

Lack of explanation and speculation

The most disconcerting aspect of this situation is the lack of clarity as to the motives behind these mass suspensions. Those affected have received terse notifications that merely allege a breach of the rules without providing specific details. Given this information vacuum, the online community has generated all kinds of speculation, from an algorithm update to the possibility of a coordinated external attack.

An adjustment in the fight against bots?

One of the most recurrent theories suggests that these suspensions could be related to the social network's efforts to combating the proliferation of automated accounts or bots. Elon Muskthe current owner of the platform, has on multiple occasions expressed concern about this problem and hinted at the possibility of implementing stricter measures, such as charge users for posting content. While this hypothesis seems plausible, the company's lack of transparency leaves considerable room for speculation.

The diversity of affected profiles: an unsolved enigma

Even more disconcerting is the variety of accounts that have been subject to this purge. They range from popularisation and scientific accounts to media outlets, institutional profiles and news events, the list of those affected lacks a discernible pattern. This heterogeneity raises questions as to the criteria used by X to determine which accounts are subject to suspension and which accounts are saved.

The purge of the X platform shakes women scientists, science communicators and media in Spain

What comes after the purge?

Amidst this haze of uncertainty, the inevitable question arises: what will happen now to the suspended accounts? Is this a temporary or permanent measure? The lack of communication from the company only adds further anxiety to an already tense situation. In the meantime, those affected are forced to resort to alternative channels of communication and to wait for some sign of X on the fate of their profiles.

Defending reputations in times of uncertainty

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Greater transparency and accountability

The recent purge at X has highlighted the urgent need for greater transparency and accountability on the part of digital platforms. Users deserve a clear and detailed explanation when they are affected by decisions that directly impact their online presence.. As a society, we must advocate for higher standards in protecting freedom of expression and ensuring a fair and equitable digital environment for all.

At Honoralia, we remain committed to our mission to help our clients navigate the challenges of the digital world with confidence and peace of mind. Together, we can support each other and make transparency, fairness and respect for individual rights the cornerstones of our virtual relationships and interactions.

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