Social media: Mistakes that can harm your business' online reputation

Social networks have become indispensable tools for our business. 

Through the networks, our brand will obtain high visibility, but this can only be achieved by knowing how to use them and avoiding some of the mistakes that we are going to tell you about. 

These mistakes are among the most common and should be avoided in order to maintain a good reputation. 


It is normal to want to cover a lot of ground and to think that the more networks we have, the better off we will be, but this can have the opposite and extremely negative effect. 

Having so many networks will lead to the abandonment of others due to lack of time and resources, causing a bad image for our business.

For this reason, It will always be more appropriate to have few, but well-maintained, up-to-date and quality networks, rather than many abandoned ones. 


It is essential to optimise our profile and have all the necessary data or data that could be of interest to our potential customers.

In this respect, we will have to update all data at the slightest change, avoiding that our customers may confuse our services or products


This is the most common mistake of all. We tend to think that the more followers, likes or publications, the more customers, but this is not entirely true. 

It is true that, in terms of ranking algorithms, the more active a profile is, the more likely it is to appear in the top rankings.

But this should not blind us to the fact that It is one thing to be an outstanding profile, but it is another to have all the people who have access to it become potential customers.

To achieve this, it is essential that our publications are of good quality.

This will help our content is more attractive to customersby converting them into potential customers. 


It is a reality that, depending on the time of day, users are more or less active on social networks. It is therefore important to take this into account when making our publications. 

For example, a post published first thing in the morning, when users are most likely to be at work and not on social media, will have a smaller audience. 

Whereas a publication that is made mid-morning or in the afternoon, mainly when there are breaks or at the end of the working day, will have a much greater reach. 

Therefore, it is obvious that it will not always be possible to publish at the most active times, but it is a good strategy to do so with most of our publications.


We all want to disconnect when it comes to holidays, but we must not forget that social networks and algorithms do not have holidays. 

Neglect over a period of time can mean losing months of work.

For this type of situation, scheduling content in advance is the best tacticYou will only need to check that the post has been shared. 


The last of the errors, which is also quite common, is downplaying the importance of managing our social networks.  

This causes us to think that anyone can run and manage our social networks without any problems, but we must not forget that a professional account requires much more than a personal account

In this sense, we have to know the tools provided by the platform and know what actions we can carry out with it, and it is not enough just to publish content.

By way of example, many social networks, in professional accounts, allow for campaigns and promotions, tools that are fundamental for a business and that should be taken advantage of. 

Therefore, we must ensure that whoever is in charge of managing our social networks is trained and knows how to take advantage of the social network's functionalities.

In short, the use of social networks has great potential, but we must know how to use them, as making mistakes like these can damage the reputation of our business. 

However, this should not discourage us, as they can all be avoided with a little patience and good management. 

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