Some mistakes that can damage your business's online reputation

Building a good reputation takes time, sometimes even years, but the reality is that it is very easy to destroy it. 

It is therefore very important not only to work on it constantly, but also to always analyse the state and evolution of our reputation, in order to be able to control and prevent possible errors.  

Below, we discuss some of the mistakes that, although seemingly small, are extremely common and can lead to a worsening of a business' online reputation. 

Using confusing messages on our website 

Every business is different, and so is its clientele. Nowadays, many businesses turn to persuasive writing techniques, which is writing that is focused on getting a particular action from the customer. 

These techniques are very useful, but using them in a generalised way and without adapting them to your audience can damage the reputation of your business. 

In this sense, not only will potential customers be confused, but the persuasion pursued by this technique will have no result, or even the opposite result. 

Therefore, it is convenient to know our audience in order to be able to adapt the message we want to transmit and capture their attention, focusing on those aspects that will really interest our clients, depending on the field or sector we are in. 

We have to bear in mind that it is not the same to address clients who wish to buy electrical appliances as those who wish to rent rural houses. 

Not being honest with your future clients 

Although we want more sales, we should not focus on getting more sales by any means. We must be honest with our future customers and not use expressions or statements that may be misleading. 

It is clear that we must highlight the positive aspects or achievements of our business, but we must also do so in a correct way and without giving rise to possible deception. 

For example, imagine a lawyer who is not specialised in any branch of law but who, fortunately, has spent several years working on divorces. If you want to promote this aspect, it is always more accurate to say that you have extensive experience in divorce than to say that you specialise in divorce. 

These types of manifestations generate expectations in our future and present customers, expectations that when frustrated generate a feeling of deception or fraud.  

Therefore, it is always best to be honest, but with a bit of imagination to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. 

Not spending time on your visual identity 

Our website is the shop window of our business while the web is the streets and avenues. Therefore, it is very important to take care of our visual identity.  

We must start from the expression that, from a product to a person, "it enters first through the eyes". Therefore, if we take so much care of our personal appearance, how can we not take care of the appearance of our business? 

For this reason, and despite what many people think, it is necessary to invest in web design and redesign, if necessary. Failure to do so can generate an erroneous image of our business in the eyes of our customers. 

In addition, it can place us in the last positions with respect to those competitors who do choose to invest and work on their visual identity.  

Ignoring criticism 

Negative reviews are not to be welcomed, but we must not forget that, on the web, every company or business is exposed to the possibility of receiving comments and criticisms. 

However, in this type of situation, it is best to respond in a respectful manner and, in addition, to offer possible solutions. This attitude generates a sense of security and reliability in customers, since they understand that, even if something goes wrong, you are not going to leave them in the lurch, but rather you are going to try to help them in any way you can. 

Conversely, if such criticism is ignored or responded to with a defensive or aggressive attitude, it may give the impression of a lack of interest on your part or even an image of arrogance. 

Therefore, maintaining a good online reputation is not difficult, as long as you invest a little time in your business, because a simple, small action can save you a lot of damage. 

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