Digital Marketing Techniques for SMEs

Digital Marketing Techniques for SMEs: Grow Your Business

Like many large companies, small businesses are in the process of digitalisation, especially in the field of marketing, due to the technological changes that are constantly taking place. 

Thus, it is essential for any business to adapt and implement the most current and effective techniques, thus achieving business growth and attracting new customers. 

So, here are some of the most useful and basic digital marketing techniques that any SME can implement and that are sure to be a great boost for the business. 


As we have discussed in previous blogs, e-mail marketing is still in fashion and continues to be one of the strategies par excellence. 

Thus, this technique is ideal for any type of company, but it provides a plus for SMEs, allowing them to make themselves known. 

Similarly, we must not forget that, although we can send generic mailings, we must always adapt them to our audience, either by age, interests, location, etc., being the most important thing to make our audience see that we have solutions for their needs. 


Unlike SMS marketing, SMS marketing is on the decline, but that doesn't mean it's not a good strategy to boost your business. 

The big problem with this kind of strategy is the the fact that we have to make sure that these customers want to receive such communications, i.e. we need to have their consent. Failure to do so could result in fines of up to €20,000. 

In other respects, it also We will have to adapt each SMS campaign to the specific audience and, in addition, ensure that it is an original and attractive message without exceeding the number of characters. 


Content marketing is another of the strategies par excellence, with almost all companies using it. 

As the name suggests, focuses on the creation of content, either on social networks or on our own blog or website. 

In this sense, The creation of content is very useful for positioning our business, getting it to appear in the first results in the main search engines. This is not only a great boost, but also a greater attraction of new customers. 

On the other hand, and in terms of content, it may be very varied, but we should not forget to use images, videos, audios, etc., as audiovisual content is the most attractive


The importance of this type of marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important. In this sense, we must apply the basic marketing techniques, but focusing on generating sensations, emotions and/or thoughts in our clients. 

Thus, these types focus on: 

  • Sensory: In your case, sensory marketing appeals to consumers' senses. Thus, it seeks to generate a kind of connection between the service and/or product with a sensory experience of the customer. This type of marketing is most commonly used in perfume advertisements, where brands try to get the customer to imagine the smell of the perfume and, therefore, to buy it. 
  • Social: Lately, we can see this type of marketing with the brand ColaCao, which has used its advertisements to raise awareness, prevent and fight against bullying. Well, as in this example, social marketing involves giving visibility to a social cause, generating emotions in potential customers not only with the service and/or product, but also with the cause in question..  
  • Emotional: Last but not least is emotional marketing, which seeks to appeal to the emotions of potential consumers.. The great example is the Coca-Cola brand, especially in their Christmas campaigns, where they encourage people to share their products with others.  


Finally, we find the marketing of influencerswhich is increasingly on the rise due to the large number of public figures on social media that are emerging. 

Normally, this type of marketing is based on collaborations, where the brand gives products to the influencer and it is responsible for promoting, recommending and publicising them. 

Thus, as the name suggests, the influencers can have a lot of influence on the audience, especially on their followers, and this type of collaboration is a good strategy. 

However, in this case, we must also be very careful, since there are many cases in which businesses have sent their products and then the products have not been delivered. influencers have not done their part on social media. Therefore, and in case of opting for this technique, we must not forget to sign a collaboration contract.

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