Tips for improving professional reputation: The great ally of business reputation

All freelancers and professionals have a reputation which, like their business, must be protected and maintained. 

Therefore, here are some aspects that not only help to maintain it, but are also very important to improve it. 


Being specialised in one sector or topic helps, but this should not prevent you from knowing a little about other possible topics. 

Broad knowledge on a variety of topics helps to enhance personal and professional reputationHowever, such knowledge must be subject to certain limits. 

In this sense, we must not forget that, in trying to learn everything, we often end up not knowing much about anything.   


It is possible to say that, at present, is the most sought after and required aspect in any professional

By bringing a wealth of experience, they enrich the job profile, as well as enhance personal and professional reputation. 

Also, It is also worth noting that this experience can cover a wide range of subjects, demonstrating to our clients that we can provide solutions to an infinite number of situations


Qualifications, as well as any other professional merits not only make you stand out, but also attract attention, increasing the attraction of potential customers.

However, we should not make the mistake of thinking that the more the merrier, quite the contrary.  

For this reason, it is advisable not to exhibit a large number, but only those that have a certain value and are noteworthy and important.

Thus, we must think that clients cannot be looking at all the certifications and qualifications we have obtained, and only be interested in the most important ones. 

A very basic example we can give is that of a doctor and his clinic. The client who comes to your clinic will want to see the doctor's qualifications and the specialisation of the clinic, if any. 


Since its emergence, social media has been the most effective means of both enhancing and even destroying reputations. 

It is therefore very important to make a distinction between personal and professional social networks, being very careful about what we post on both

In this regard, we should bear in mind that many users have access to them, and A controversial post on our personal social network can destroy our professional reputation.

Thus, customers look for a certain seriousness and commitment from us, which can be damaged by showing certain content. 


Finally, look for yourself. This will not only help you to see how your professional and personal reputation is doing, but also all the negative content about it.

In addition, you can also search for know your competitors and find out what you can offer that they can't and make you stand out in the marketplace

Therefore, as we can see, professional reputation is linked to business reputation, influencing each other and both must be equally protected against possible attacks and interference. 

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