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Nowadays, it is no longer enough to choose just one social media platform for your business, you need to make sure your brand is seen on all the major social media platforms. Using Twitter for business is another effective way to add value to your social media marketing strategy. Twitter has specific features that are designed to help you grow your audience and achieve your business goals.

Marketing with Twitter has proven to be beneficial for many businesses, brands and small business owners. The platform has evolved from a trendy network of tech-savvy users to a profitable source of revenue and lead generation.

Having the best Twitter social media marketing strategies may not come naturally to business owners and digital marketers. To be effective, you need to find and follow Twitter marketing tips from experts and other business owners.

What is Twitter and how can it benefit your business?

Twitter is a social network founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006. As of February 2020, Twitter had 152 million daily active users on the platform.

Originally built as an SMS-based platform, Twitter has a 280 character limit for each post. Despite its transition to a web and mobile-based application, the creators decided to keep the character limit to maintain the Twitter brand.

Cs a social media platform, Twitter stands out as a fast way to consume and interact with content. With the character limit, people are forced to be concise with their content, which benefits readers with short attention spans. Twitter marketing is effective in reaching users who are on the move and spend most of their time on their phones.

Posts or updates on Twitter are called Tweets and are seen by a user's followers. A tweet can include text, links, images and videos. A Retweet is a post that is republished from another source. A Twitter username is called a handle and is preceded by the @ sign.

With Twitter, individuals and brands can post industry-related updates, use hashtags to help users discover their content, interact with others and share their posts. The Twitter user dashboard also highlights the day's trending topics, usually categorised by country.

Businesses are using Twitter as an online marketing tool because it is relatively easy to increase the number of followers and generate awareness for their brands. Creating a Twitter account for a business is quick and easy, and any business owner can get started with just a few clicks.

In the early years, Twitter has been the platform of several controversies that have led to cyberbullying, fake user accounts and inaccurate news. As a result, Twitter issued clear guidelines for dealing with harassment and questionable information shared on the platform. In 2019, Twitter acquired Fabula AI, an artificial intelligence startup, to help combat cyberbullying and other forms of abuse.

To give Twitter users more control over their content, Twitter Fleets was created. Twitter Fleets is similar to Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories. According to the Twitter blog, Twitter Fleets was designed for people to share their "fleeting thoughts", as they disappear from a user's timeline after 24 hours. This feature reduces people's hesitation to share personal opinions and beliefs that they consider controversial or that might change over time.

How to use Twitter for business marketing

Using Twitter as a social media platform may seem simple to most people. However, not all business owners and marketers understand how to use Twitter for business marketing purposes.

Brands need a strong marketing strategy on Twitter that allows them to:

- Gaining brand exposure
- Promoting brand reach
- Aligning ideals with industry leaders
- Engaging with clients
- Acquire quality leads
- Participate in relevant and trending topics

Many small and large brands are successful in using Twitter for marketing because they have developed a proven and effective Twitter marketing strategy that suits them perfectly. They understand how Twitter marketing works for their brand and audience.

It can be confusing, as there are many Twitter marketing strategies that a business can implement. The key is to find one that brings you the best results. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so be open to experimentation and data analysis.
Basic Twitter marketing tips to get you started with your own marketing strategy.

Publish content consistently

One crucial factor that keeps marketers in the dark about how to use Twitter as an online advertising tool for business marketing is what to post. There is thousands of pieces of content posted to business Twitter accounts every day - how do you know what kind of content to share for your brand?

The following are some of the most important content ideas for profiles Twitter:

- Recent blog posts
- Interviews with industry experts
- Practical tutorials
- User-generated content (e.g. positive reviews)
- New product/service updates
- Employee news
- Surveys or polls

Twitter also recommends the use of video content to improve audience engagement and retention. A Statista survey revealed that 32% of Twitter users watch videos on the platform.

Use the right hashtags

One of the most common marketing strategies on Twitter relies heavily on hashtags. Hashtags are used to discover keyword-centric content on Twitter. However, extensive research is necessary to find the most searched hashtags that relate to your brand. There are many Twitter marketing services that include keyword and hashtag research to effectively achieve the desired results.

Understand your audience with analytics

Twitter has a free analytics dashboard that shows you useful information about the growth and activities of your business Twitter account.

All you have to do is access the analyses at analytics.twitter.comMake sure you are logged in to your Twitter account. Here you can see the following:

- The participation of users, including "I like it".the "retweets and the "comments".
- Twitter followers
- Tweet activity (per tweet)
- Twitter impressions (number of times a tweet appears on a user's timeline)

With access to this valuable data, you can create a content marketing strategy that boosts your company's Twitter campaigns. Not only will you learn more about what content works, but also who your audience is.

Twitter advertising

If you have the resources to spend on Twitter advertising costs, you can boost your growth by following Twitter faster than the traditional method of social media marketing.

Twitter as an online advertising tool has opened its platform to advertisers as part of its Twitter marketing services. Businesses can expect faster results when marketing with paid ads on Twitter.

Twitter advertising includes different types of advertising content with no minimum ad spend. You decide how much Twitter advertising costs for your campaign. Twitter advertising prices are very flexible and you have full control. Twitter ads can be a simple text ad or a 60-second video - you decide.

Twitter ads can take the form of Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, Promoted Moments and Automated Ads. Let's take a look at each of them:

Promoted Tweets

This Twitter advertising content looks just like a normal tweet, except that it has the word "Promoted" clearly displayed in the bottom left corner of the ad. Promoted Tweets are shown to users who do not follow the advertiser's company Twitter account. These tweets can be liked, shared and commented on by anyone who sees them. Promoted Tweets can be simple text or can include an image, link or video.

Promoted accounts

If you want to focus your Twitter advertising costs on gaining followers, you can run this type of Twitter advertising campaign. Twitter advertising via Promoted Accounts displays your brand's entire company Twitter account to targeted users. The ad appears on the user's timeline in the "Who to follow" section and includes a follow button.

Promoted trends

Twitter Trending Topics are a constant presence on the right hand side of the Twitter news feed. Trending Topics are based on the most popular hashtags on the platform, but you can promote your brand in this section. Promoted Trending Topics also appear as "Trending for you" on the user's timeline and in the Explore tab.

Promoted moments

Twitter Moments are similar to Facebook Stories, as a Moment can be a collection of content that tells a story that is relevant to your brand or industry. Promoted Moments can only be created on a desktop and can be regular content promoted to a wider audience that you can target. When using Promoted Moments, be sure to maximise your audience targeting to get the best results.

Automated advertisements

Automated ads are a quick way for beginners to get an ad in seconds. By using Twitter's promotion mode, the platform automatically uses your content for promotions and ad campaigns. Twitter as an online reputation tool will select the content and target audience and run the ads continuously until you turn it off. Automated Ads has a fixed monthly fee that differs greatly from the flexible pricing scheme of Twitter advertising.

To maximise the costs of Twitter advertising, it is important to understand the effectiveness of your ads and whether you are targeting the right audience. If you are not an expert, there are many agencies that offer Twitter marketing services to ensure the success of your Twitter ads.

For up-to-date information on Twitter advertising prices, you can visit Twitter's business page.


Whether you plan to use Twitter with or without paid advertising, it is a powerful platform for generating leads and growing your brand. Any business of any size or industry has the potential to find its audience with business marketing on Twitter.

With unique features such as Twitter FleetsYou are free to experiment with different Twitter marketing strategies that work for your brand. We hope this resource has helped you with Twitter marketing tips that you can implement to start a profitable business Twitter profile.

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