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User management in Google My Business

Our Google My Business account will be very useful to appear, for example, on Google Maps when someone makes a local search about our business. It is also useful for add ad extensions at Google Ads.

For any of these options or any optimisation work on our tokens, we may need our employee, consultant or our agency to come in.

This, apparently can be a problembecause it is the e-mail address of the business owner, who may have a personal password, so they won't want to give it to you. is logical.

But There is a Solution! Permits exist, so let's take a look at how we can give access to another user without having to give out our passwords. In this post we will explain how to add o manage users within your Google My Business.

How to give access to another User

First Step

Firstly, it is necessary to log in to our account Google My Business. If we are logged in to the same browser with our Gmail and it will allow us to enter. Once inside, on the home page we have a menu on the left side and information on the right side.

Specifically where we have to clickto give access to users is in the left menu bar. where it says "Users".

Google My Business

Second Step

Once inside, we would simply have to hit "Add Users.

Step Three

The next step would be, enter the person's email address you want to authorise, setting the function or permissions you want it to have and you invite it. Later on, you will receive an email telling him that he has been authorised.

Thereafter, the person to whom you grant a particular permit will you can optimise your Google My Business listing to manage it individually without you having to give your personal details.

Types of permissions that users have

Token Owners and Managers

As we have seen, this can be administered with the rest without sharing personal information of the account. It is possible to have several ownersbut there will always be one main onealthough these will perform the same functions.

The differences between these are as follows:

  • The principal owner if you want to delete from the recordwill not be able to do so until transfer their primary ownership to another userThe others can be deleted at any time.
  • The principal owner can delete cards or manage access to them.

The main roles of the owners are as follows:

  • Adding and removing administrators.
  • Withdraw tokens.
  • Edit company information.
  • Respond to reviews.


On the other hand, the The administrator's functions are reduced in relation to those of the owner, which would be as follows:

  • Edit company information (Company name, category, address, etc...)
  • Respond to reviews

Communications Manager

Communication Managers, are one rank lower than administratorThey therefore have fewer privileges when editing the file, as they would only be responsible for respond to reviews. So, your task, too, is useful and of vital importanceWe can also use Google My Business, by the comments that we can get to any local business on Google Maps, or Google My Business itself.

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