40% of users avoid brands with less than 4 stars on Google

The importance of Google reviews for businesses has been known for several years now, as Google reviews can help businesses to improve their business performance. reviews have become a way for consumers to share their experience with others about the products and services offered by the business in question.

What is the reason for the increase in reviews in recent years?

This increase is largely due to the pandemic, users are looking to reviews to communicate more clearly and concisely with the establishments and brands they visit. As a result, users are rating their experience in order to give advice to others.

According to reports by digital marketing consultancy Brightlocal, 40% of users reject businesses with less than four stars on Google reviews.

After learning about these data, we can draw several conclusions, among them:

  • Reviews determine a brand's online reputation and a bad reputation turns potential customers away from your business.
  • It is through the reviews that your brand's reputation is forged.

It should also be mentioned that customers do not always look at companies with five stars. In fact, when deciding whether to buy or not, they tend to look at the negative reviews. This shows that consumers are becoming more demanding and more informed, as they compare prices, features, quality, ... They are clear about what they want and are unfaithful to brands.

The new consumer

Feedback has been a key element of the online experience in recent years.

As mentioned above, consumers are becoming more and more demanding and therefore, before buying, they inform themselves about the products/services and also about the place where they are going to buy them.

The vast majority of people always or regularly read Google reviews when searching for local businesses.

Looking at the data provided by the study, it can be seen that around 67% consider leaving a review for a positive experience, which shows the importance of providing a satisfactory customer experience.

Therefore, as we can see, these comments are increasingly important for the online reputation of a brand. They will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who will decide whether to buy or not.

Do all reviews count equally?

There are many elements and commercial profiles of reviews that can have an impact on how consumers perceive them, for example:

  • News.
  • Duration.
  • Responses.

If the review is old, it is not very reliable, as services may change, so it will not represent the current experience. This is why recent reviews are the most trusted by customers.

For all these reasons, it is essential for companies to be increasingly competitive. The company must be productive, putting the product on the market must mean agility and speed.

It reflects the stiff competition that exists today among businesses to have a good online and offline reputation. As well as the importance of the customer. Therefore, companies must focus their strategies on offering the best customer experience, always placing the customer at the centre of each of them.

Google reviews continue to grow, so in the not too distant future, it will become increasingly complicated and, in turn, important to manage digital reviews and brand information in the best possible way, due to updates to Google's algorithm for local search, which features not only proximity, but also search relevance and brand reputation.

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