Can we improve the effectiveness of our advertising? Some steps to consider

Advertising is one of the most essential strategies for setting up a business and making yourself known. 

Currently, there are two types of advertising: the offline advertising and the online advertising. Each will be more appropriate for a particular time and type of business. 

The main difference lies in the media used to reach consumers. 

Well, the offline advertisingor traditional, is the one that opts for physical instruments and media such as leaflets, billboards, physical magazines, etc. 

For its part, and as the concept itself establishes, the online advertising is the one that is employed in the digital world and uses the means that the Internet makes available, such as social networks, websites, digital press, Google Adwords, etc. 

With this distinction in mind, we will now discuss some of the steps necessary to achieve an optimal level of advertising effectiveness, both offline and online. 


The first, and most fundamental, step is to segment the total market, creating different groups

In this sense, groups of competitors can be created, both in terms of their products or services and in terms of the media they use to promote themselves

On the other hand, it is essential to have structured groups of potential customersThe range of possibilities is wide, for example, according to age, tastes or preferences, lifestyle, country, etc. 

These groups allow us to tailor our advertising campaign, personalising it to the target group we want to address.


This second step is closely related to the previous one.  

In this sense, it is more beneficial to carry out several advertising campaigns, even if they are small, than one large one.

This is not only will not only allow you to target each campaign to a specific group of potential customers, but also avoid becoming repetitive, re-engaging customers. 

A clear example is a Google Adwords ad that lasts 15 days will generate saturation in customers, as they will always see the same campaign with the same content. 

However, if instead of publishing a campaign for 15 days, we choose to publish 3 campaigns of 5 days each, we can vary the content and break the feeling of repetition that the potential customer may have. 


This factor is particularly noticeable in social networks. 

In this sense, we can make offers of all kinds, raffles and even give away discounts through codes. 

As far as offers, promotions and discounts are concerned, they tend to be very successful as they generate a steady flow of customers..

But, it is necessary to be very careful with raffles

We have all seen thousands of sweepstakes on social media, many of them being scams, but fake sweepstakes aside, not the best strategy

Running sweepstakes generates a huge attraction, attracting many people, but once the sweepstakes is over, all these people automatically lose interest.

Therefore, offers, promotions or discounts, which generate a constant and sustained attraction over time, will always be better before carrying out sweepstakes to attract attention. 


On the other hand, other factors that can influence the effectiveness of your advertising campaign are location and timing. 

As far as location is concerned, it is essential for online advertising.The online will always be on the Internet.  

Therefore, we should look at sites that competitors do not usually use for advertising.. Clear examples are taxis, shopping carts or parking meters, even advertising leaflets in a cinema. 

As for the timetablesand as was the case with the content publications we referred to in previous blogsare of paramount importance.  

Time control should be applied especially in the case of promotions, discounts, prize draws or offers, as they aim to reach the largest possible audience in a short time and regardless of whether those customers subsequently decide to act on them. 


Last but not least, is to participate in events or organise your own. This is shown, for example, by the participation of major brands as sponsors of sporting events. 

Even so, it is very difficult to sponsor a major event from the outset, So you have to start small, with informative breakfasts, discussion forums, etc., choosing the event that best suits your customers and your business.

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