Can we regain the trust of our customers in an online reputation crisis?

How to regain customer trust after an Online Reputation crisis

Online reputation crises can last a long time, not just have immediate consequences.

Withdraw campaigns and apologise

One of the best strategies is to eliminate such advertising campaigns that can be controversial and cause damage to third parties. The elimination of such campaigns can be the solution for our clients to see that it is wise to rectify and that it can happen to everyone.

However, doing so without explanation is more counterproductive, so it must be communicated to users, particularly those with whom the campaign has been most negative.

Forgiveness is a must as people who feel offended, forgiveness can reassure them and spare them a negative review of your company.

Every company has had advertising campaigns that have been rushed and have not been studied beforehand.

Improving criticised services

In many cases an online reputation crisis is not measured by the intensity of the crisis, but quantitatively. Many companies have a bad reputation because of a criticism that is constantly repeated among users.

A clear example would be in product delivery companies, when the delivery is late or in an undesirable delivery time for the customer, the reputation of the company is damaged through the internet and customers will find it difficult to trust the safety of the product and the seriousness of the company.

There are some phrases that you can take as an example such as ''we listen to our customers'' this phrase serves to gain affinity with them.

Updating products in Trend

Many companies are criticised to the point of causing an online reputation crisis when many products in their catalogue are not correctly updated or are not on trend.

This is especially true for technology companies, which are the ones with products that are constantly updated. They are also the most influential on social media and have a high impact of followers on online platforms.

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