Why shouldn't you ignore your online communication and reputation?

The importance of intangibles in business communication has been growing in recent times, as it has been realised that they improve the economic performance of corporations, add value and can even provide a competitive advantage.

Some aspects covered by the business communication are identity, image, culture and reputation. The latter is the result of the coherence between identity and corporate image.

The corporate identity consists of the missionthe reason for the existence of the company; the visionwhich determines where the company wants to go; and, the valuesThese represent the beliefs and principles that govern it.

The corporate image is the projection of that identity, that is to say, it is the set of perceptions that the public has about our company or brand. It is the meaning that the company has for the public, and unlike the corporate identity, it is a external factor and more difficult to control.

We are aware of the importance of your company's image. Who hasn't stopped buying a product or service when they saw bad reviews on the internet? Because of course, we must be aware of the multi-channeling of opinions (O2O) in this day and age. The reviews positive or negative things about you and/or your company no longer remain only at the level of the offlinebut also invades the online world even earlier.

Why is it important to manage our online reputation?

Opinions and comments form a value about our brand or company that has an increasingly strong influence on its attractiveness to consumers and their purchasing decisions.

Reputation management involves managing reality through communication and ensuring that it is properly perceived by the public. The first step is to ensure that there is consistency between what the company says and what it does, as a discourse that is misaligned with actions will affect the company's credibility and online reputation.

We must not forget, when communicating on the Internet, that behind every opinion there is an opinion. person. Deepening that aspect and having the empathy to connect through digital media is the key to build powerful relationships with our audiences, which will help build and maintain a good online reputation.

Negative comments should not be feared, they can be of great help to improve the quality of our products or services. However, it is important to differentiate between negative comments or constructive criticism and a troll who only wants to annoy and dirty your profile.

Do you still believe that online reputation is not important?

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