WordPress: What are its advantages and disadvantages?

It is essential for our business to have a website in order to make ourselves known, as well as to attract more customers. 

For this reason, many choose to create their web pages through WordPressThe 30% platform, which covers 30% of the websites created on the Internet. 

Even so, and as we commented in our previous postThere are many other platforms where we can create our web pages. 

Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress so that you can choose the platform that best suits you. 


It's free! 

WordPress is completely free, without having to pay absolutely nothing for any of its resources or tools.

Very simple configuration 

Unlike other platforms, setting up your website on WordPress is very simple. 

It is as easy as filling in a series of detailsYou can use your email address or the name of the page to start building the website of your choice. 

Also, if at any time we need to change any configuration, it is as easy as accessing that tab and changing it, as in WordPress everything can be configured and altered at any time without messing up all your hard work.

Easy to administer and manage 

Once the WordPress is configured, we will have to install a template or theme, allowing us a great variety of designs and themes.

Similarly, once we have our template or theme, the administration and management of the website will be as easy as using the tabs to add, modify, install or configure menus and widgets.

Therefore, by means of such simple and intuitive tabs, it is possible to create a very attractive website without the need to use the services of a computer scientist or have any computer skills.

Improve SEO Positioning 

The last advantage to be highlighted is the ease of optimisation of websites created on this platform. 

It has "friendly URLS" y plugins special SEO, which allow us to improve the positioning of our website very quickly.

As an example, with the creation and configuration of our WordPress website, we can achieve up to a 50% improvement and speed in positioning compared to other platforms.



One of the most common drawbacks of WordPress is its high resource consumption.  

The need to install and use different plugins implies the need for a good level of memory and CPU. 

In this sense, how many more plugins o themes the slower our site will be and the more memory we will need, the more we will need.  

This is why the big dilemma may arise in the face of this problem: Performance or functionality? 

In this respect, we should try to balance both factors and only install and use the resources that we really need, discarding those that do not serve us on a constant and regular basis. 

Speed could be improved 

As a consequence of the previous disadvantage, a second one arises, which is the slow speed of our WordPress. 

To try to alleviate this disadvantage, it is advisable to install plugins caching (W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Faster Cache...). 

These plugins take care of making a copy of our WordPress at its static level, allowing it to load faster and not need to use a lot of resources.

Instability of plugins 

The use of such a large amount of plugins involves a high possibility of failures and errors in them. 

All of these errors appear as a result of the instability of the pluginswhich may be incompatible with each other or simply collapse.

Most targeted platform 

Finally, another problem is vulnerability of the platform and of the websites created through it. 

The fact that it is open source means that anyone can download it and access it, analyse it and find possible security holes. 

For this reason, it is extremely important to keep our WordPress constantly updated, as many improved versions can be released in a short period of time. 

Other ways to avoid potential attacks include reduce the use of plugins and keep them up to date, as well as to iThemes Securityanother add-on that allows us to ensure the protection of our website. 

As we have seen, it has some very attractive advantages, but it also has a series of disadvantages, which, if worked on, can be perfectly controlled, being one of the best platforms to create our website. 

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