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Do you want to promote your hotel? 4 Tips that can help you

Summer is here and it is the ideal time to promote your hotel, flat or rural house, especially so that customers keep us in mind for the rest of the year. 

Thus, according to recent statistics, approximately 80 % of the population seek information before booking in any establishmentThe most important thing is not only to compare prices, but also to see the conditions and characteristics of each one, and it is very important how it is promoted. 

For this reason, here are some strategies or tips to take into account when promoting your establishment. 

Well maintained and optimised website 

Today, any business can have a website, indeed it should, as its absence can generate insecurity among users.

Thus, This website must not only have an attractive design, but also quality content, where our establishment is shown both through descriptions and audiovisual content (e.g. photographs of the rooms, virtual tours of the rooms, videos of the rooms and the surroundings, etc.). 

In this regard, we must bear in mind that audiovisual content attracts a lot of attention and is ideal for attracting new customers. 

However, this is not all. Our website has to be optimised and secure, especially if you can make bookings and payments through it.

In this sense, we must guarantee potential customers an adequate loading speed and provide them with a secure payment platform.We are committed to ensuring that our customers have a good experience with our website, in order to avoid any problems and ensure that they have a good experience with our website. 

SEO positioning 

As in all businesses, you should always work on SEO positioning, that is to say, you should always work on your SEO, appear at the top of Google's search results

While Ads campaigns also work very well, there is nothing better than appearing at the top with manual searches and in a completely natural way. 

This will not only help your business stand out from the competition, but it will also build trust with potential customers.The first results are believed to be the best and most reliable. 

Active social networks 

Nowadays, the vast majority of the population has social networks, so it is essential that your business also has them. 

What's more, social networks are the ideal tool for publicising the conditions and characteristics of your business through audiovisual content.which, as we have already mentioned, is extremely attractive to potential customers. 

All of this, finally, will result in more traffic to our business website, as well as help in attracting potential customers. 

Ease of contact and professional treatment 

Although it seems a less relevant factor, it is, perhaps, one of the main and most important in the sector. 

In the hotel sector, in addition to good conditions, customer service is fundamental and can often be the determining factor for a reservation. 

It is therefore very important that receive a good treatment, solving their doubts in a professional and quick way, as well as making them see our eagerness to provide them with the most adequate service and adjusted to their needs. 

Moreover, this factor should not only be limited to telephone or personal contact, We must have other tools to be able to talk to our customers, such as chats on our website, contact emails and even WhatsApp. 

All this will generate confidence in our customers, as well as helping to build customer loyalty. 

Therefore, and as we have seen, there are many tools available to us to promote our business, and we must keep these factors in mind and implement all possible strategies so that our business stands out from the rest and potential customers identify us as the best option. 

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